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About me:

Dawn Rahdianze Shantal Kryztal has picked herself up from her horrible childhood in the U.S.

Midwest, weathered two marriages to the wrong men, became a policewoman and a business owner, then shed her possessions, and moved to Hawaii, becoming a street person before putting her life together with the help of her SOUND HEALING.


She now transforms others who seek her help with their Pain or Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual issues in only "Minutes"!


Dawn is a Direct & Clear channel conduit to the Source Divine Creator. She doesn't rely on anything outside herself to Connect to the Highest power. She is a facilitator of truth to all that seek her assistance. 


Dawn has a pure Divine gift of Sound through her "Voice" connecting all to the Light that resides in all of us. The Divine transformation & healings happen in just moments listening to the High Frequency sounds channeled through Dawn's "Voice" in her recordings and sessions.

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