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I just wanted to get back to let you know that I have now listened to the replay.  Thanks so much  for  that opportunity.  Dawn picked up so accurately on my childhood.  You may remember that I won the free session with Chameice Daniel a few months back.  The session with her opened my eyes to so much that was going on in my childhood.  There was much there that was buried beneath the surface by all the adults.  Dawn also picked up on it and was able to release a lot of trapped emotion from that time.  She sensed 'Anger' - I think I remember it as frustration but they are the same energy family.  Anger was not acceptable in my family. 

Lately, I have been asking for more fun in my life so Dawn's intervention there was very timely - those childhood years were a very serious time indeed.  She was also quite right about the tension - resulting in hypertension for me as an adult.  And safety - even years after the end of WWII if a plane flew over I would be looking to hide - and we lived in the country!  And I always thought I had a happy childhood; nurturing parents and cousins to play with.  It's good to be able to release those stories.

So many thanks again to you for facilitating so supportively and to Dawn for her amazing powerful energy.  I am signed into her Thyroid program as I have much work to do there.  


Love and blessings,

 - Margaret

A distant past   healing package -thru heartache to joy appeared on my computer out of no where after I had prayed, "Help me, show me the way, how do I move forward?"  it was so profound! I was able to take it in at a deeper level than when purchased.  Thank you so much for your healing blessings in my life today.  I was truly gifted by your work.  Thank you Thank you Thank you beautiful soul.

- Angel 



Thank you Dawn!

Same to you! We need more love and light in the world. You have a special gift that helps many people to "get back on track" and start enjoying life again.   

Thank you for that!
- Dada



Thank you, Dawn . I'm your fan and listen to your interviews almost on every platform / community . You're such a beautiful gift to humanity. God bless you abundantly . Btw, here you look amazing and somehow younger, or is it just my eyes . Love Sulis from Germany 




Hi Dawn,

Thank you so much for the monthly healings you’ve been offering me for the last few months now. 

I really feel blessed by the huge transformations I now see happening in my life. What started as a better flow, less noise and chaos then led to bigger and better transformations all around. What I see unfolding truly feels that it is all for my highest and greatest good. Im moving home, moving on from a stagnant relationship and just earlier this month I received some inheritance from my father which is enough to buy a new home for me and my daughter with cash alone without a debt! I never saw this coming but it is a huge gift and blessing which I am truly grateful for. I will continue to sign up to your healing because I am just seeing miracles happen all around being in this high vibration. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this energetic gift. Sending you all my love!! 

Anyce G. 



Hello Dawn,

Yesterday I directly received God's energy above my head and that time I was healing a patient I started feeling it above my head and it was directly God healing through me it felt so Good I felt calm and I could see paitent heal with white light in all her cells and bones when I was done it stayed with me I felt crying with so much love from divine .

Thank you for the gift you are sharing with me supporting me and my husband may God increase abundance in your time and health ameen


- Asma

:) Hi Dawn,
(Happy Dance) I wanted to share some Joy with you.
I. Felt. GOOD walking in the park today! I cannot tell you how Long it has been since I’ve been able to walk Comfortably! Such a Blessing!
Thank you so much!
- Patricia



Beautiful Dawn, Today's call helped me so much. I have had my first relief from such clogged eustachian tubes that are bulging into the tampanic membrane of my ear canal creating such sound distortion buzzing, underwater blocked This started two months ago after a larygitis-type virus. I have so many of your programs and we have worked one on one a few times so I know how powerful your work is. I am so grateful! Love and blessings to you Dawn. Frances

- Frances



 Thank you Dawn, I've been taking your Vitality silent healing program and using the MP3's. I didn't plan on it, but a mole removed itself from my cheek and scaring on my face from a motorcycle accident is starting to smooth away. I also feel like I have a shield protecting me. It hasn't been easy, but I was able to see how my actions attract certain people and I've been able to stick to my values and boundaries and not look outside of myself for validation. Very profound shifts happening, subtle but feels like I can't go back again to the way I was. I'm very grateful Dawn for your presence on this Earth. Mahalo,

- FD

Hey I just want to say I appreciate your work. I don't have pictures to show something happened to me my hands and lower arms started looking like a ninty year old. I did one on be sexy as well as I believe one on DNA I'm doing this one everyday. The inside of my arms filled back in loosing the wrinkles I believe someone put or did a chemical on my hands and arms .I had red what looked like a burn on my hands. There were areas small that wouldn't heal. The red has turned brown. The wound is healed . The wrinkles are slowly going away.

- Kellie



I have been doing the energetic teeth cleaning just a few weeks. I started noticing the difference after a few days. Its so fantastic. I look in the mirror at my teeth and laugh. Cant believe it and i smoke. My teeth are just getting whiter. Probably other things are working but i can see white teeth. Thank you so much will be ordering so much more because it just works. Ps. I have been playing it every night when i go to sleep. Is this ok? Thank you again im so grateful.

- Diana



Hi Dawn,


I love you and your work so much. Your replays have helped me greatly. Thank you.

- Laura



Hello Dawn,


I signed my husband and myself up for your 2 month remote healing after the end of the Upper Limits.  So we still have July.  I lost 10 pounds from the upper limits and the remote in June. AND I am having abdominal hernia surgery July 25. My BP was high and it's never high.  But this last week I got a reading of 108/74!  THANK YOU.....Much gratitude for all that you do.

- Susanne

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE VOICE HEALINGS ..I felt a warming and tingling after listening to all of them and felt a very nice calming and high like I felt after receiving a Reiki healing... SOOOOOOOO AMAZING!!

- Kelley




Hello Liz,


Please extend my gratitude to Dawn on behalf of me for her generosity with her time at my session.  It was very powerful.  I appreciate her so much:)


Thank you!

Love and gratitude,

- Yvonne



Hi Dawn,

I just wanted to take a moment and THANK YOU for the remote energies this past month!! WOW!! I have really benefited from these energies each day and my energy levels have improved. I have been heartbroken with the loss of my cat, Gabriel, who passed away three months ago and the remote energies are helping me to move through the despair and move forward in my life. I have already purchased your remote package for the next month, and I am feeling the Auric Cleanse and a high vibration Light infusion integration that you have sent today! 


Many Thanks!!




Hi Dawn,


I want to thank you for the personal session for the Sound Healing- Silent Clearing that you did with me on March 30.  I felt a tremendous wave of energy immediately afterwards.  In fact, I was very dizzy for a few seconds.  The next few days I was really sluggish and worn down.  I could feel that my body was clearing a lot.  During the session, you asked me if I had been bullied because you sensed that energy in my field.  I had no recollection of bullying when you asked me.  However, the next day while laying down, I had a sudden memory of a bully that I had dealt with in the 8th grade.  It was a very rough period for me back then.  While re-living the experience with the bully, I felt a ton of energy come forward and I released it.  In fact, I am still clearing that energy 5 days later.  The session was really beneficial and I really appreciate the work that you have done!  I also feel the benefits of the generation healing that you did with me concerning my skin condition.


Thank you very much!





Hi Dawn

Thank you Beautiful Soul, beyond measure.

I hope to be able to do a full live one/one session with you  soon,.

You feel like a Soul Sister to me.

Feeling that my energy is very strong, yet I need to hone some real confidence.


Sending Love and Blessings

- Ermina

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to listen to Dawn’s replays this weekend. 

As always her work is amazing! I’ve found her dental work that I purchased last year, amazingly healing. Please thank Dawn as I thank you Eram for bringing her to us…truly from Divine!  - Romelyn

Love you Dawn your work is the best. Aloha and Namaste 

- mrspleats

Dawn is the absolute best!! I have done many of her healings and its turned my life around in many ways.

- Isla



I listened to this live with Darius and decided to relisten here. It is this good and I see the benefits too Thanks Dawn, love you Namaste



Thanks, Dawn you are truly a healer. My one and one with you last night's call was life-altering Thanks for your gift to healing. You are beautiful on the inside as on the outside. The sound healing works and it does make one look and feel younger, Aloha Namaste

I bought your dental recordings. I had two teeth that were really lose that tightened up a lot. Also my gums look a lot healthier. - Donna



Thank you so much for your sweet response and the referral to Dawn's website. 

Please let Dawn know that my Max started to respond a little bit after the first 8 minutes (I was watching her). She had been lethargic, cramped in pain, wouldn't eat, or drink, and could barely walk.  I saw her body drop and relax a  bit and she licked her paw briefly. I was also running energy for her off and on as well, and I ran the sound healing Vital Body Functions (pathogens) 3 times on very low. However, I feel it was the 'sounds' that made all the difference for her. Max was 90% better by evening and completely healed this morning. I canceled her emergency appointment for this morning but booked another appointment in 2 weeks to have her checked.

I listen to Dawn's sounds 3-4-5 times a week and it has made all the difference in my health and well-being.

I am so very grateful!

And you can use any/all of what I have written as a testimonial! 

In love, light, and appreciation~

- Frances 




Dear Dawn,
   Yesterday I had quite amazing results, listening to only the part of the replay interview with Eram and the group Healing.

For a year I’ve been struggling to find a medication I can take to heal from mold. Each medication makes me too sick to take it.

Consequently, I have suffered with a lot of brain, fog, exhaustion, and metabolism issues. Actually, every organ system is compromised by the mold.

After listening to about 3/4 of the replay, I had to stop to do homework for a class. Ordinarily doing complex mental work at 3:00 pm would be a real struggle. I was shocked to breeze through the written assignment with ease and clarity, I haven’t had in decades!

Your work is so powerful I am eager to jump in to all the MP3s! They will be especially useful  to help me sleep, and get over being depressed about my deteriorating medical condition and inability to heal from the mold.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- Lee



Dawn, I am so grateful for our session today. I was trying to be so respectful of our timeslot and just receive all the beautiful energy you were sharing with me. I honor all that you are and I shine my beautiful light on you with deep love for all that you do!  You have indeed made a beautiful difference in my life from both of our powerful sessions!!!  You nailed it on the head using the word numb and it is my deepest desire that word is no longer true. I am ready and I am allowing all the beautiful love and light that I am to fill me and I am ready to feel that!!

My deep love to you Dawn,



Aloha Dawn!

Your October offer was something I was hoping for. I missed getting into the last offer because I was too occupied with physical problems. I did get in on a "freebe" you offered on Sept 21, and wrote that I wanted a "wonderous womb" or something like that. I had been bleeding from fibroids for a few weeks. I also was suffering from a urinary infection. The next day I wrote this on my calendar, "I feel SO good! No bleeding, No pain (urinary), No exhaustion, Good energy, Good Rest, Good food!" It all may have been a fluke but I don't think so. Now you're offering a whole month and I'm ready to absorb every drop of healing you offer. Thank you completely. I appreciate your incredible gifts. The world needs more people like you. You're awesome.    Love, Yolanda



Thank you so much for this! It is my birthday today! I appreciate this gift!

- Bloomfield



Dawn enjoyed this month. Your energy helps alot on these remotes. will probably sign up for September.

Thank you

- Linda

Oh Dawn!!!  How spectacular!!  Everything you said would happen unfolded exactly as you said!!  You jumped right in tbe second I said hello and the healing has been nothing short of magical!!! 
From tbe bottom of my huge heart, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

- Judy 

Dear Dawn, 

Thank you!  I am waking up for almost the first time without dread. 

This is HUGE!

You are also an incredibly kind person. I feel how genuinely you bring unconditional love, not wanting anyone to struggle or suffer. 
The world is a much better place because of you. 



Thank you again Dawn. I am so grateful to relisten and receive a further healing. My face once again looks younger! Blessings. I was one of the listeners that received a healing on this call. Thank you. - D



Just wanted to say thank you for all you do and helping us move the energy and clear and this call was fantastic, you are spot on again of course and really hit the things I needed.  Was finally able to listen to the call and wow I feel lighter and better and did/do feel it  ( I love that you do what is needed and not stick to a strict format) ~ so glad that my higher self guided me to this ~  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you !!  You are amazing.  Just wanted to let you know.


- Susie


Amazing changes. I set an intention when I joined May with Dawn for cardiac & pulmonary health and return of energy balance. My exhaustion from long-haul covid 19 evaporated about 6 days ago. My breathing improved dramatically. My opportunities to step out and shine as a coach in Weight Transformation exploded and I accepted an opportunity to be a presenter at the Inner Goddess Summit last week. I purchased Dawn's anti-aging package to continue the healing and I'm totally blown away at the deep work her mp3 format completes in me. Grateful. Namaste. - Diane


I have benefited so very much from this month with you, Dawn! From reduction in pain in my back and shoulders and numbness and tingling in my legs to now being able to reduce my stomach medications! I love it! I am deeply grateful for the good work you have done and the kindness and compassion with which you have done it. Bless you😇🙏❤️

- Sherly

Hi Dawn. 

I just wanted to thank you for your programs! 

This afternoon, I experienced a miracle thanks to your programs. 

Yesterday, I bought your program Energetic Age Reversal. I started listening to "Merging with God Creator Your Fountain of Youth". I started having a cold on Saturday morning so I did not feel my best this weekend. I work as a substitute teacher and I think I caught that cold from some of the children I worked with last week.

Last night, I did not sleep well at all. I tossed and turned all night long and sweated like a pig! This morning, I had to go to school and work as a substitute teacher with kindergartners. Although I did not feel my best, I was doing allright. Today was brutal! The children were not listening, they were noisy, too excited. Some misbehaved and a few have some serious behavior problems. So by the end of the day, I felt drained and like I had been ran over by a tank. I could feel my immune system was getting weaker and my cold coming back stronger. 

When I got back home, I was very upset with myself because I thought I had forgotten my headphones at school which I use at lunch time to listen to music to meditate. I did not want to drive back to school but I did it anyways. My headphones were not in the classroom so I drove back home. When I walked in the living room, there were my headphones! I was super upset with myself and called myself names that were not very loving. 

Because you say that we should not listen to "Merging with God Creator" more than once a day, I chose to listen to your other recording "Detox Re-boot" from your "Spiritual Self-Care" program. While I was listening to this, I heard a loving voice remind me what you say "you might experience some dark energy coming up. You might clear some old baggage. Just let it go!" (or something like that). I felt this loving presence reminding me that what I experienced today was just old stuff, old gunk coming up to be cleared. So I listened to "Detox-Reboot" about five times. Every time I listened to it, I felt dark, heavy energy leaving me, going down my legs, down my feet and into the ground and leaving me feeling lighter, more loving and happier than the tine before. I felt God's light coming inside of me from my crown chakra and clearing that dark energy. After listening to "Detox Reboot", my computer went, on its own to play "The Meridians" and then "The Chakras". Once I was done listening to all those recordings, not only was my anger and those dark energies completely gone but I was at peace with myself and I started breathing with ease again and my energy had gone back up! 

It is hard for me to describe in an email all the physical sensations I had in my body but just the fact that I went from being very angry with myself to being at peace and connected to God again is nothing short of a miracle!


I am so grateful for that!

I am sending you, Dawn, a big virtual hug!  

- Chantal







I ordered your organ package yesterday and noticed improvement right away. I am very interested in getting a one on one consultation. with you. Thank you.

- Roddy



Dear Eram,

I’ve just listened to Dawns replay. I missed the call live due to a medical

appointment. Anyway, I don’t usually reply after listening to a call but I

am pulled to do so with this amazing call with Dawn.


The activation was incredibly powerful, I felt shifts, tingling ,healing

not only in dental but also in upper chakras. My throat chakra was opened,

released, I could breathe deeply and felt fresh oxygen entering. By the

way, I didn’t realize that I was not breathing deeply. I felt cold

energy,my body was cold, which I know is Divine energy. With each call I

experienced healing.


Please thank Dawn. A few months ago I was looking for dental healing on

FHTJ, and instead found another of Dawn’s healing package which I

purchased. She had added 60 days remote healing for two additional people

as a free gift. I am in deep gratitude for her generosity, generous loving

heart. She’s a Truly beautiful gift…I thank Divine, Creator, Source.


Loving gratitude & blessings,

- Romelyn




Miracles happen‼️ Thankyou. I read an email about your presentation & wanted to join, then….got sidetracked. Later I was researching in YouTube and you popped on my screen(by Divine Grace). I was the first to give a thumbs up👍🥰. I have been working on healing my heart & layers of ancestral trauma-(I choose this, but what my TF has mirrored back to me has not been easy to deal with at times)Last night was amazing, you have helped me peel back another layer of ‘ish’ by healing my lungs, back & neck issues. You have worked miracles on me through channeling GOD’s Healing Energy to me, you were a gift to me & are a gift to the world. Thankyou 💛




Happy New Year! Hope you have a great one. I wanted to write and say how much I appreciate Dawn's work. Last year I purchased the organ regeneration package because I have a long standing (about 38 years) brain injury. Many years passed before it was finally discovered in 2016. Since then I've sought therapies and supplements to help restore my brain and health and everything has been useful but your work Dawn has had the greatest impact. It feels like more healing has been made in the past few months - by using the brain module - than in the past 2 years!

Thank you so much for your work. It is such a blessing to me and my family.

- Emily



Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous New Year...

Thank you for all you do and assisting me in my growth and well-being...





It was a great session last night with Dawn.....I feel more centered and resolved today,,,,some powerful things are emerging. I feel like I can see my true body system sense she cleared me.
How do we sign up for more sessions?
- Olivia




Aloha Dawn,
I had a session with you today and I feel great.  I was initially skeptical, but was willing and open to have a healing session with you.  Mahalo for addressing all of my concerns regarding my physical ailments.  I have not felt this good in a long time.  In addition to healing my pain, I feel emotionally rejuvenated and refreshed.
Thank you so very much.




Dear Dawn

Thank you so much for the healing session last week for my feet.  I haven’t been able to walk due to pain in my feet.  Only after a week I am walking in heals again!  


- Candice

Hi guys 


I’ve taken this again thank you 


I’m so super grateful that you are offering this . I’m noticing great results thank you !!! 


Last year was in this a lot and my health was great 

Had few months this year where I wasn’t within this and my skin erupted terribly !! 70% of my body’s skin violent angry red rashes that had me in tears !! 


Again took this and mostly cleared up . Noticed just within the couple of days where I wasn’t in this energy container and my skin started itching again !! 


Wow !! Please keep offering and know it makes a huge difference thank you for all you do and be !! 


Dawn’s MP3 are my go to for health problems and money generating !! 


Love you guys always 


Hugs and light 

- Alison  







Hello Dawn,


I saw your talk/interview on the Global Energy Healing Summit the other day.    I went to your website and purchased your Abundance Block program, (which I have not yet started).  I also downloaded your free meditation.  


I have been having some semi-serious deterioration and pain in my left hip for over 2 years now.   I am only 57 and too young for hip replacement surgery in my opinion, even though the medical doctors are saying this is what I need to do.  I truly believe in holistic medicine and that our bodies have the amazing ability to heal if we give them the right conditions and healing modalities.


During the first evening listening to your free meditation, (two nights ago) I felt this sudden movement in my solar plexus area.  It was like a book dropping on the floor; very noticeable to me.   I was thinking, “oh is this my energy shifting?”.

The next morning when I woke up and got out of bed, 90 % of my pain was gone. 

I had more range of motion in my leg and hip, without pain, in just 1 listening.


I plan to continue to listen to your wonderful gift you have given to the world freely.  And I cannot wait to begin the Abundance Block program and then move on to your other programs.


I just wanted to take this moment and say THANK YOU and BLESS YOU to you for sharing your wonderful healing gifts with humanity.  


- Milissa 



Hi Dawn,
I wanted to let you know that after our session I felt much lighter, and was able to apologize to my mom - after 25 years of increasing frustration and inability to share my truth. I spoke my truth calmly too. I'd had various types of sessions around this, and yours was the first to make a noticeable difference.

Then today I went to the dentist, where for many years I'd had several pockets in my gums - at the level of 4-5mm. They said those pockets were all at 3mm now. I tried to figure out why that was, and I remembered that I listened to your dental recordings every day for about 1-2 months. It must've worked!
Thank you!

Dawn, Thank you so much for your work with me. Sending me love from the other side really felt amazing. I tend to feel pretty alone most of the time.

I Loved how you got a lot done in a short amount of time. Very efficient.
Much love,
- Diane



Hi Dawn,
Just want to let you know how much I appreciate our call yesterday. I’m feeling so much better and more focused. I was doubting myself as to whether I was doing the right thing Re selling house, moving on from my marriage etc. Feeling so much lighter and have more clarity.
I could really feel the energy lifting and moving through me, I particularly felt a lot of energy around my head.
It’s the first time I’ve worked with someone and felt such a resonance with everything you said.
So thank you, thank you , thank you from my heart to yours. I’ve also just signed up for 30 day remote healing.


With love Eleanor 



Hello Dawn –

Your Upper Limits program has been the single most important program that I have ever taken. For so long I have known that there was a ceiling to what I could accomplish and even though I knew I was capable of doing more, accomplishing more and making a lot more money, it just wasn’t happening. Until now. I have more money in the bank, clients are paying me faster, doors are opening for new business, financial challenges are dissipating, and my confidence in my abilities to make this happen has skyrocketed. Truly excited for all that is yet to unfold on this journey with you.


Love, Blessings, and Aloha!

- Florence



Dawn, I have been gaining valuable insights and realizations of where and how I have been separating myself from Life instead of connecting with the sacredness of life; I have been living a life of avoidance rather than of sacred-connection, and this lack of sensation, this lack of depth of feeling, has led me to this overwhelming sense that I am but a tourist in my own life and that everything that I have done in life felt as if just a hobby and I was not able to authentically touch the sacred that resides deep within myself, or, for that matter, the sacred that is intrinsically present in everyone else and everything else in this ever-deepening mystery called life?
I am discovering how to engage with Life, rather than avoid, and how to transmute and transform activities, that I once used to separate myself, into ways of connecting that which is sacred within me to that which is sacred within all of life.  Awakening the sacred within myself...

Thank you, Dawn, for your support and nurturing presence throughout this unfolding process, 


- George 


I wanted to let you both know I found yesterday’s session very powerful. I have known for a long time that my Inner Child feels unsafe, but until the session last night I actually resented her--because I didn’t know how to “fix it”--and I was angry at her, as I felt she was “holding me back.” Now, I can be with her with more compassion than I could in the past. Another thing that shifted for me is I have only worked on emotional issues with Dawn, even though I have several physical issues. It finally dawned on me last night to use this wonderful opportunity (the series of calls) for physical healing as well. I’m sure my neglected body will appreciate that very much.


The above happened already and it has been less than a day. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


- Arleen

Hello Dawn, I just had the tremendous blessing of listening to your session through Eram Saeed's weight loss seminar. Your master class was wonderful and very intriguing. Thank you for the wonderful information and providing a different approach to healing. May God richly bless you.


Kind Regards,

- Christina

I bought this package recently and it’s absolutely phenomenal!

- Isla 

Thank you, once again for tonight’s session!

Amazingly warm, personalized, devoted and care-full! 

Already feel more in peace and energized! Thank you for the advises!

The whole experience exceeded my expectations!


Wishing you always all the best! 


Love, Light, and Blessings,


- Vladana

Thank you so much for the session today.
One of the parts I loved most was the confirmation from my soul that all the things I have been feeling  so strongly you confirmed each one.  In some ways the things you were telling me that my soul was communicating - it all felt familiar, but I had felt like I was struggling to help my body to flow with all that I knew to be true.  And the clearing you did - really did lighten the load in significant ways.  I can tell too - that this is just the beginning.

I actually am leaving for a silent retreat tomorrow morning.  I have never done this before - left my family, certainly not for myself, and never during a busy time with school and work.

But, I have been saying all during covid that I just want to go off by myself for a few days - to get away from all the energies of everyone around me so I could find and get to know myself.  I was last week gifted with retreat.  Someone had to cancel at the last minute and wanted to gift their spot to someone else.  My mom decided to go as well - so we will be riding there and back together, but I am very thankful for it being a silent treat - so she can have her space and I can have mine.

I'm extra thankful for understanding how to set up the boundaries.  I have been practicing but wasn't quite grasping how to do it effectively.  And I'm growing in this understanding that it's vital for others to do their own work and that honestly eases the permission for me to let go of the guilt I felt any time I tried and could feel their needs and pull. So, now I can feel good and excited about them learning and practicing shining and engaging with their own light and energy.

I just feel so light and free.  I knew this was in me.  I knew it!  I could feel it!  I just hadn't been able to sustain it or contain it perhaps.

Thank you!  I know I have so much to share - not giving away, but in containing my own light and letting it shine brightly.  I'm so delighted to live into all my rainbowness and brightness and to deeply love and appreciate and enjoy my quirkiness and laugh and laugh.

Thank you!  I'm so grateful that you have loved and enjoyed your light and energy and that you have accepted your brightness and discovered how to use your uniqueness to invite others to shine in their brightness.  That is what I want to do and know for sure I'm called to it.
I know I will grow to understand what my gifts are and how best to shine and illuminate for others to see themselves and their own light and energy.
This was everything I hoped for during this session.

Thank you with overflowing rainbows,

- Sherene 





Hello! I want to tell you that since our last session, 
I feel lighter and more spacious inside... like something was lifted deep within me... 

Cannot specifically say BUT DEFINITELY KNOW that deep within "something(s)" is no longer there...

WE worked on ages 7,8,9,10 ---Thank You... 

Love/Light and Blessings -------Kevin



Hello and Good Day,


 Thank you for a GREAT session... 


 Can feel an opening/spaciousness DEEP INSIDE .. a Lighter feeling...a clearing ...


 I look forward to the next time... on the INNER will be with your in the monthly this month and the Dental Program --second time through.


 Peace and Many Blessings

- Kenny

Dear Dawn, I would like to thank you for the wonderful program to release weight issues! I am at session number 5 and lost already 7 pounds in 3 weeks time, this while eating healthy of course. Before I did all kinds of diets and only gained weight instead of losing it. Since following your program I am so happy to finally have a breakthrough! I am very curious to the future results.


Thank you and lots of love,

- Kathy



I'm participating in the Learning Strategy program and last night I cleared vows of poverty with Dawn, I felt light burn up through my spine and open up through my head. Today I got a donation for free classes I teach and a new person just asked to pay for one of my classes. This is a big change for me. I am grateful!


Thank you so much!

- JS



Amazing.Thank you so much.I have recieved it and the carer was here and downloaded it all for me.

You are going to be ongoing in my life till I die,and my gratitude knows no bounds.

- Sylvia



HI. Ellen, I purchased Dawn Crystal (Raise your Vibration) earlier this week. The Raise Your Vibration MP3 is so powerful. I am happy I made that choice. You have excellent products on your website. Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend.


- Kathleen



Dear Dawn,

Listening Strategies has introduced me to your work.

Series 5 & 7 I was a part of. 

For me the clearings were intense. I must had a lot of stuff to clear. Because the integrations were unpleasant. 

The actual session however was ALWAYS relaxing and high vibe. 

I may not understand God plan for me but I trust in it. And right now I am riding the wave. :) 

I am in complete surrender and open to heart and soul and wherever it leads me to I am ready for the next something. 

I joined the remote healing for febuary NOW and I wanted to say. Glad I did. 

The frequencies are supporting me emotionaly and energeticaly as I move through some difficult times. They have supported me to remain upbeat for no reason :) and be super calm. So grateful.  THANK YOU GOD THANK you YOU. 

Today I would like to receive these frequencies with my intention shared with you. Because maybe God will hear


I am sure. 

Heart and Soul 
- Antigua ( Yianni ) ( Kat ) 

Hi Dawn


1)  Just a brief note to say a big THANK YOU! for our healing session yesterday .... I feel great today and much much calmer inside.  I look forward to the continuous shifting that will happen as a result of the work we have done.  Thank you for your sensitivity compassion and gentleness with my inner child .... we are so grateful.


2)  I'm purchasing this 31 day remote healing package so that I can continue this work with my inner child.  Although the invitation email for this package was addressed to my son, I am actually purchasing this package for myself.  


thank you for your wonderful service to humanity.




- Kalleen




Got the DNA rejuvenation package fabulous results I had sprained my ankle had to go to the doctor had this pain in my shoulder every time I laughed it hurt second week I am cured of pain and discomfort. After five days of listening to the total Body cleanse my foot fungus fell off my nail bed! Energy improved my skin is looking better more positive outlook

- Metaphysical




Dear Dawn,


Thank you so much for this beautiful course. Since I started in series 6 my life has been a living proof that miracles happen every day. I am in the midst of a divorce that has been very challenging and these weekly sessions have been my lifeline. In series six my main goal and deepest desire was to find a home for me my kids somewhere close to our old home and in the same school district. My ex has had a lot of trauma in his life and studied a lot of energy work modalities. He was in an accident and just seemed to be consumed by his past traumas and became very hostile and scary to live with. In the middle of a global pandemic shutdown, somehow series 6 found a way to send my ex overseas to work for 3 months. It gave the kids and me the perfect opportunity to move and we found the most magnificent home 4 doors down the street from our old home and even closer to the kids friends.

I’m so grateful for all this incredible transformation that is happening in my life and everything that we need keeps appearing on our doorstep and even though I’m not working and my ex has all the money from selling our house tied up with lawyers, everything I could ever need has been provided for and I’m just so grateful. I know one day I will have a lot of money and I will be able to help others that are going through challenging times and I really feel that you both have been angels in my life creating the space for everyday miracles to occur.

Deepest thanks and much love to you and all your loved ones for a happy and healthy holiday season

-  Jen



Hi Dawn,

Wow am I looking forward to our appt. today!    The thing that really spoke to me was when you said on the show, "Are you just stuck, can't get going or get things to change, no matter what."  That's me, my ex tried to ruin me financially, divorced last Aug, I'm 62 & trying to survive.  I know you've been thru some tough times so you get it.  


When I listened to your replay on Patty's show there was a caller with a shoulder/bladder problem.  My cat has had a shoulder problem no one can figure out for years, limping, he's almost 18.  During the show, after you worked with the caller, my cat got down from the chair and walked across the floor, no limp.  I was blown away.  Then the next day I realized I slept thru the night without getting up to pee, my bladder felt better, not that there was a problem!  I went back, recorded you with the caller w the shoulder and play it for my cat every day.  He also had a weak rear end and he is jumping onto things much better since!


I went back and bought your modules from the first show, me and the cat listen to them all the time, I love them so much.  Then, lucky me, I just happened to catch you on Patty's next show where you did a heart opening for a caller who didn't grow up with love, like me, it was really phenomenal for me too!  So I'm sure you must hear this kind of stuff all the time, but I didn't want to take up alot of your time talking about this in the session, thought I'd drop you a note.


So until later

- Merilee




Hello Dawn,

     We just finished our telegathering and clearings. I couldn't wait  to tell you  I am feeling so much better.  I haven't felt this good about my situation in years.  My head was stuck on repetitive thinking. You cleared it out.  It was driving me insane day after day popping up continually tormenting me.  How can I describe a miracle there are no words. I asked for one and you gave me one. It was instant.

From the bottom of my heart to the center of the earth to the highest star I am shout my gratitude. Just had to say Thank-you!  


- Robi 





Hi Dawn this is Robi in Las Vegas, I really have been meaning to drop you a line sooner, but there is no better time than Thanksgiving to let you know how much I Love working with you on Tuesday evenings.  They are a highlight of my week, and I want to say that I am managing my weight and many other clearings that we have been working on like relationships in fact I have no doubt that our last clearing is the force behind this letter and the ability to navigate my desires more clearly with work and personal relationships instead of shutting down I found a way to open up and claim more Love which is so cool.  I Love who you are and the miracles you perform. My inner peace and self worth has grown.. Fondly, Robi




Hi Dawn,
I just wanted to reach out to you with regard to our session.
We had been working on my deep routed anger which bothered me the last couple of weeks.
I can confess that it had dissolved nearly completely afterwards! I had not expected this to happen at all and I am extremely grateful for this outcome. Also my feelings of overwhelm and exploitation got down from a 10 to a 4
I thank you so very much and looking forward to the next possible session with you.
Have a great Holiday ahead!

Blessings from Germany 🇩🇪

- Carina




Aloha Dawn, 


 I am participating in your Learning Strategies program for the last few months.  Today I fell down very hard. I have a full spinal fusion with a Harrington rod and I haven't fallen down for several years, but today I just fell straight on my hands and knees with no mercy.


 I was upset because it brought up lots of emotions as I did it in public outside on the sidewalk with no apparent reason other than my body just quit on me. 


But the first thing I did was come home and listen to one of your audio tapes for healing the knees, hips and spine. 


Even having used your audios for years, I always kind of feel like it's not going to work, but I know to just trust it!  I looked at my knees which each had at least 4-inch strawberries before I started the recording, to my surprise I looked at both knees and they matched my natural skin color and all the swelling was gone! 


It was a really bad fall but I know if I just keep listening to your audios I will heal as fast as I will allow the energy to flow. Even if I doubt it, it still works! 


 I love your work it's the best way for me to let the pain go without thinking.


 I'm so grateful for you, thank you so much, Aloha.

- Flower Diamond



Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. I just purchased dental health and although it is the first time listening I can feel it working. I’ll definitely be buying more for other areas. Can you recommend something to restore eye sight to 20/20 or better.


Many Blessings,

- Robert




I have invested in both the 21 and 30 daily remote healing with Dawn Crystal and have received great benefits both times. My aches and pains have subsided and my energy feels lighter. I am more flexible.  And an issue that I have had  with my left knee for decades has improved so much that I now exercise with very little, if any, pain. I am so grateful for how much better I feel and wish Dawn Crystal offered her remote healing more frequently, particularly in the winter months. Letting Spirit heal us is a far better alternative than taking lots of  medication. 


Peace and good health,

- Magnes




Dear Dawn,
I was participated in 21 day remote healing as a part of Harmful environmental stressors package I've purchased in August 2020: from Aug. 1 to Aug. 21. I am sure felt and received The support - my life came into more harmonious flow given very stressful situation when from the beginning of this year my husband and I have had to take in for permanent living (and care for) with us both of my disabled elderly parents (84 / 86 yr); that was not an easy transition when my parents used to live independently for all their life and being married for 60 years ... anyway the remote healing helped us altogether get into harmonies living as it is only possible ... And As I am a primary caregiver - that was helping me to be in balance and strong! (I am 58 yr)
Even more! And That I considering a Real Miracle:
my husband is not well also with many physical challenges - he is "set person" in his own ways and ONLY trust the tradition medicine --- that not actually helping him much - just more prescriptions for the side effects of other medicine..... anyway, I just wanted so much to help him the Best Way I know - and that is non traditional medicine modalities - DOWN CRYSAL sound healing is one of them ... I always knew that I cannot force this way of healing if the person is NOT ready to receive it ... and over the years I made my Peace with that ... But The Miracle did Happened --- my husband started to listen the healing sounds from YOU, Dawn!!! And It is working for him (!!!), and I am So grateful that Sounds of "The Creator of All of Life" that came though Your VOICE, DAWN helping him to get out of being stuck in his health issues ... to start is the hardest part!!! The Hardest part is to help people like my husband - very traditional in his ways, very 3 D ...
Thank you for your Gift to The World, Dawn! Thank you for being YOU! Your voice is a part of our family life very day now and we are all grateful!
Blessing and Namaste EmojiEmojiEmoji
- Irina




I had an incredible 1 on 1 healing with Dawn.  Dawn has a very clear & pure channel to source & a absolute delight to connect with. A beautiful soul filled with divine love & energy. She works very fast & efficiently & was able to very quickly get to the root of the matter & cleared & healed alot for me in my 25min session.


She was able to clear many things i had taken on from my mother from my conception through to 9months in the womb  - anxiety, fear, stress trauma etc and cut a lot of unhealthy ties & energy drains with my dad. It feels great to have my own power & energy back.


 I felt so light & free afterwards & continue to do so and  my interactions with my dad have been so much easier without the emotional charge.


Thank you and abundant blessings

- Desleyxx


Dawn Crystal is a beautiful soul , humble and dedicated to her gifts she brings to the world. When I first came across her work , she appeared too magical for me, like she was promising more than what was possible.  But after working with her and her mp3's for about 6 months now- I can tell you I am off my antidepressants ( which has been a 20 year battle) and I am feeling better everyday.  I am looking forward to creating a bright life and I did not think that was possible.
I would say if your soul led you to Dawn, its time to get healed.

- Gerri 



In all truth this testimonial is from the one you did in August from the 1st to the 21st I really felt the most effects at the start of October I don´t why that is but I have felt it more since then.
I can´t describe it in words just a feeling of more happiness less rollercoaster emotions now.
The stem cells show you did I think it was with Eram the activation at the start made me feel after like I was five years old a happy five year old.

Before that I have had a hard time trying to remember something happy and this tugged at my heart with a nice warm feeling so I am still with the happy feeling since yesterday.
I would like to thank you for all you do and the beautiful description you gave of the sea turtle you came across being in the shallow waters of the ocean.
I can relate to your childhood story lived something similar also really I am just so thankful for all the benefit I have gotten from listening to your mp3s they are different most times the heart chakra one being my most favourite it tugs at me more.

Can´t wait for when you do another one of those stem cells renewal programs such fun.
Much big hugs and alohas to

- Susan

"I really love Dawn's healing work and my mouth and teeth feel completely different after listening her her! I would recommend her she is awesome!"  

- Kate

I purchased Dawn’s program (I forgot which one because I own at least 4)  which included a 30 day remote healing and I want to testify that I felt a tremendous amount of joy, energy, a strong sense of fearlessness, AND my husband let me have his credit card for the whole week and that NEVER happens!! Dawn is one of the most authentic, loving, powerful healers on the planet!! God Bless you Dawn!!!

- Mary

Hi Dawn,

This is Robi Nielsen from Las Vegas.  I was having quite the week filled with stress and over eating.  I was on your call Thursday, and I can feel the difference and I believe in your miracle because I have not over indulged in two days and I woke up a pound lighter today.  Thank  you I feel I can quit binge eating what a boost.  I love your work I feel balanced. Grateful and Joyful for the first times in days.  Thank you from the center of my heart.  This world is a more beautiful place because of you.   Love Robi



Aloha Dawn Crystal,

I signed up for your September 2020 month long healing. I live in San Francisco and surrounded by fires yet personally I'm feeling fearless, more grounded, excited and clear about the future. Opportunities are showing up and I'm prepared to take action. Thank you for helping me me forward,  I'm a new person!


- Flower Diamond XFD




Wow I felt all of that thank you so so much been feeling stress from everything that's going on here in Australia etc feel so much released so special and bless to be the first to release it on YouTube. Love you thank you for being you.

- Shine



I bought the package and have listened to the first 2 sessions- wow! Wow!wow! I have never experienced such deep healings before- this is not just improving my teeth- I already feel an overall shift in health and wellbeing!!!

- Isla


Hi Dawn,


Two weeks ago you did an individual clearing session for me, on learning strategies, so that I can find a good home for me and my children while going through divorce.


I played the recording of my individual learning every other day and did my white light protection most mornings.  


I wanted you to know that the following week I found my home, which was more than what I thought I could ever ask for.  A few days later I got approved and today I signed my lease.  


I couldn't be happier for me and my children and I wanted to thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all you do because you are helping a lot of people.


Sending blessings and gratitude your way!!!



- Michaela.





Many thanks for making this so easy. I’m really looking forward to my call with Dawn.


I started the first MP3 last night before bed and this morning I felt so much better already! Dawn has an incredible gift. I’m delighted to have discovered her.



- Joanne  



Thank you so much dawn this is such a great healing that i have recieved from you right now. I was so much in need of this gift from my Creator. YOU ARE SUCH A BLESSING TO US! hugs

-S.b K.

This call has some POWERFUL!! Healing s I am using this program and for an Empath this is a MUST !!





Hi Dawn,

Just want to say- I love your “work”... THANK YOU for your Presence and Service.... peace. 

- Kevin

Hello ,


I am so grateful for Dawn doing the private session with me- it literally saved my life and changed my entire trajectory. There are just no words and thank you just doesn't even touch the surface. The work is pure and true, and Dawn's gift is very special, one-of-a-kind. The deepest gratitude, love, and respect to you from the bottom of my heart and depth of my being.

Thank you for all the love and light and healing and talking to Dawn to make that session happen Friday night- it totally saved my life.

Lots and lots of love and light and infinite blessings,

- Brittany




Hello Dawn,


I would like to thank you for the wonderful Healing Session I received from you.  Thank you for your kindness, and amazing insight into my Soul.  I am so grateful.

I hope to connect with you again.  It was so helpful and enlightening.


Love and Light,

- Joan 




 I have listened to the body rejuventation session for three mornings and have already experienced dramatic results!

Thank you!!!

- Garic

Dawn Crystal is an amazing healer.  I first learned of her through the Darius calls with YouWealth and I purchased her Get Pain Free package at the time which also included a personal session with her.  At the time Dawn cleared a lot of "heavy energy" from me which started to get things moving with the chronic pain I was feeling. I do other energy work with a Chiropractor and also an acupuncturist so it allowed their work to go deeper.  I'm also trained in energy healing myself. However, what Dawn does seems to move things quickly and it doesn't matter the issues, she can go in and clear it out.  It's truly a gift. 

 I continued to use her work and also purchsed her Silent Sound Clearings through Learning Strategies and Pete Bissonette.  I did Series 3, 4 and 5.  The thing I didn't get the first few times is that it truly is important to use the worksheets provided. I don't think I was taking it seriously enough.  Once I started using the worksheets and really writing out my goal, what's bothering me, what my life would look like without all the items that were bothering me, I noticed things starting to shift. I also realized it's important to rip up the paper I wrote those issues on after the clearing because it's signaling to the Universe that I'm done with that pattern or issue. 
For example:  I've struggled with digestion and constipation even though I've changed my diet, I take supplements and I drink water.  One of the things I put on my list is that I'd like to  have 2 bowel movements easily every day.  Since I did a clearing on this, I've noticed it's actually improved greatly. 
I notice I sleep better as well on the days I use her clearings. 

Thank you Dawn!
- Grace








I wanted to write a testimonial for Dawn Crystal’s Stem Cell package, which I just purchased today.


My shoulder was sore from a recent workout with weights. And today I spent 3-4 hours raking. Tonight it was bothering me even more and I listened to the pain relief mp3. Immediately I could feel a sensation in my neck and upper back. By the time I finished listening, pain went from a 7 to a 2!


Can’t wait to experience the results from the rest of the package!



- Kelli 




I love you so much! I have had the benefit of dramatic results which weren't even called for. Hello I'm on your Tuesday night calls with Pete Bissonette. Great results.

The brief telephone consults caused me to shed 32lbs. We worked on healing my throat chakra and allowing my heart to open to love and being loving. Lady I got my money's worth and I am over the moon so I could die happy anytime! 



Hi Dawn and Team💜

I purchased last month the Healing the Teeth and Gums Package thru Eram.
It included the 21 day Remote  Healing.

I want to extend a big  Thank you for including the Remote sessions. 
It has made all the difference. 

I hope you will do this again with other offers. Your Gifts are Amazing.
The 21 days allows my body to adjust and integrate.

I know this puts more on your shoulders . I Am Grateful for your Generous 
Heart ..So many need help.. To get back on their feet.

Thanks for Sharing your Gift with the World.

Thanks for Caring and Being True to YOU 🌹🌹


- Karen 




Last night's Sound Healing/Silent Clearing with Dawn Crystal was... still is, Wonderfull (not a typo).

It felt like every cell in my body, and my auric field, were vibrating, and this was later on, After the session. 

I was left feeling Much Lighter and, no longer burdened by the deep sorrow and pain from a relationship with Someone who has since passed on.

I am also so Grateful those feelings- energies were brought so completely to the forefront just prior to the start of the session.

Christ and Dawn have once again transmuted sorrow and pain into Joy and Light.

Thank you for sponsoring Sound Healing/Silent Clearing.


With much Gratitude,

- Patricia



Dear Dawn and team, 


I wanted to share my amazing news -- I have been listening to the Healthy Joints programme for a total of 20 days (about 3 days per session on average, but more for the hips and knees session). 


Prior to that I had a damaged cartilage on my left hip, I was in near constant pain, couldn't walk much, even sit much, couldn't carry my little boy for any distance...  

I was referred to a specialist, had an MIR scan and the doctor said there was no cure for that... yes, he can do surgery and it will provide relief but no cure. I was supposed to be stuck with it for life. 


Now, 20 days after listening to your healing sessions, I am pain free! I still feel an echo of that pain if I exert myself, but I am not in pain any more! THANK YOU, DAWN!


I am looking forward to my session with you (due in about 2 weeks' time). 

Everyone says your sessions are life-altering! 


All my love to you, 


- Lyubka




Dear Dawn Crystal, 


Your mp3's are a big help. thank you. I am chronic 5+years & ask for assistance. I have a session scheduled w/you. if possible to fit me in sooner would be most appreciated.



In kind regards,

- Willow in AZ.




Hello Dawn,


I wanted to email you right away to let you know about what happened yesterday and today. Yesterday morning I woke up and the left side of my head was a mess. My eyes were red, my ear was painful to the touch as were my jaw and neck. My gums were raw on the bottom left side of my mouth. There was no way I was going to be able to go into work. So I stayed home. And got the email that Dawn Crystal was live with an encore dealing with gum and teett issues. Talk about divine intervention. Because I would never have had the opportunity to participate while at work.


At that point I was at a pain level of 10. I would have called in if I had't left my phone at work the previous day. But I took part in the group transmission and with the callers that were selected. I was actually going to pass on this package because two previous packages dealing with Dental energy had been unsuccessful for me (in hind-sight I see this must have been due to some kind of incompatibility on my part). 


Because, I bit the bullet, so to speak and purchased package A this morning because when I woke up - about 18 hours after the call. I felt down from the 10 I had been during the call to about 65 to 70% better - down to about a 4 or 3. Now, as I type this and it has been about 24 hours since the call. I am blown away to report that I am now at a 1! Nearly 100% improvement! 


Thank you very much for offering this second chance at this package and for Dawn's call yesterday. It was definitely divine intervention/timing.


Thank you again,


- Ardith



I purchased your dental package after hearing your interview with Eram on FHTJ. Thank you so much for your powerful and beautiful work. My teeth issues feel like they are being addressed and I am even more grateful for the release of some emotional issues I had been previously unable to move. I am very grateful and humbled by what I have received and the 21 days of remote healing has not even begun!


Much love to you, Shannon



Hello Dawn (or Aloha!)!

I just have to say I am really having some results that I believe are from your remote energy.  The first 2 days (Monday and Tuesday) I was doing some detoxing - extra eliminations, very tired the afternoon of the first day, etc.   Today, (Wednesday) I was energetic, enthusiastic, started back in on a long-term project that I had just stopped working on.

Rock on!!!

love, Martha




Hello, I want to THANK YOU for the “work” that you do... I loved my one on one with you and the two programs that I purchased are uplifting - always feel lighter, taller, open and freer when I listen... Peace and love your way...

- Kevin





Thank you for helping me release pains when you were on webinar on Tue, October 29th. I was miserable, not feeling well with having some physical conditions, and I was in bed when I was joining the webinar. 

I am feeling much better and did restart a small exercise on the next day even 30 min walk, and I realized whose work is very helpful to me. I could not do exercise about almost one year til I got help from you. 

I am responsible for my life, and I don't intend to create dependency with or to anyone. But it is ok for everyone to get help as necessary. Dawn is the one I would ask for help or buy product when I need to boost my energy.


Only products from others working for me are entity clearing and ancestral karmas. 


I didn't do energy work on my own, but also did start belief clearing again after few weeks break.


I appreciate if you have a class like learning strategy course you regularly offers bi weekly for 6 months. I can afford to join the course or do wait for

any discount sales sometimes you inform via your email newsletter. 

Two products I bought from purelight especially stomach one ...I keep playing it when I can play without tech distruction. 


I wanted to express sincere gratitude to you, Dawn, who helped me tremendously and the results what I got from this week's webinar was just beyond words. 

- Nicole

Your generosity of Spirit and Compassion touches and humbles and inspires me each time we we've worked together. Thank you.


(And I'm still heartburn free, Woo-HOO! ).


Patricia - 





Hello Dawn,

I had to write to thank you for our phone time together (part of Eram's package offer) on Oct 7th.

Where you led us in that conversation was truly insightful; to a place haven't been able to go and examine with anyone before (including myself!). It had to do with extreme vaginal dryness for years and your insight to a mother/son relationship for 37 years of marriage to a man I dearly love! husband being a son in another lifetime. I struggled with that for over a week but allowed the reality and healing and shift to happen. After several days I felt a very large physical vaginal opening to receive him (although still sore and dry). He picked up on something as well and he started to talk more about this. So that healing opened that other door to communicate better about our sexual life, and how frustrated he has been feeling for years that I may to want to receive him. Wow! 

And chronic head pressure!! For years! It has lessend and I've improved so much! No where near as intense.  I'm thrilled that your love, care and sound truly lifted that pressure! 

I know you receive a lot of letters so you may or may not get to read this which is OK ..LOL I just had to write you! You are truly a gifted healer, and I send my love, gratitude and deep appreciation to you, dearest Dawn.


love, Frances





Have had a session with you before for sinus headache, great experience, and relief. Looking forward to working with you again.


Hi Dawn,


I hope this finds all is well with you and your Pupp.


Just a quick update....

For the First Time since the back injury occurred over 4 years ago, I can turn completely around to my right side! I really Appreciate that you sent the Complete, "Get Out of Pain Forever" Package. Your Compassionate Response is so very much Appreciated. I'd felt waves of relief move over me as I listened to the "Clearing Back Pain" module. The pain has improved Tremendously.

And, Thanks So Much for sending along the Wealth Revolution "Personal Awakening" package. I have felt unwinding and releases as I've listened to the Beautiful Music.

 I continue to shake my head in Wonder and Joy at the Blessings from all the different modules.


  From my Heart to Yours, Thank You Dawn!






I have just listened to the audio of Money Issues with Dawn Crystal

and I found it very therapuetical and given me a sense of relaxation.

Please convey this message to Dawn for me and Mahalo for the much

loved session.







I’m so happy and grateful to have met Dawn Crystal. I find her energy and joy contagious.

I’ve worked with Dawn for 6 months and so much has cleared from my mind and body.

She is a healing blessing to me. Thank you, thank you, Dawn I am so thrilled. 

- Georgie



WOW! I woke up this morning thinking about you and your incredible work that you do. I had a private session with you about a year ago. It was only 30 minutes but it was without a doubt very, very powerful. It made me a believer in what you do, I was a total skeptic before the session. Not now, I knew within 24 hours after our session that something was shifting, physically, in a good way. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep up with listening to the MP3’s that were included in the package that I purchased and now I’m back to where I started. The package was purchased from Eram Saeed’s webcast called From Heartache To Joy. I truly wish that I had recorded our session so that I could replay it over and over. Dawn, you’re a remarkable woman. Thank you for changing my life for the better! I pray that you are showered with Blessings everyday of your life You certainly deserve it! P.S. I have no affiliation with Eram Saeed what so ever. 

- Jen 


My mom and I have recently discovered you and have experienced so much healing already. My deep appreciation for the work you do. 


Thank you in advance for your help,


- Heather




 Hi Dawn, 

This is me, dancing with Joy. I had deliberately waited to get my Pupp's bloodwork repeated to give his Healing time to process. I Knew we would get Good News and we Did! His white blood cell count & lymphocytes are Normal! His blood platlet count went from 75,000/80,000 (low) to 305,000, gloriously Normal! It feels to me that our bond together has deepened as well. 

My hip and lower back pain are Gone ! I have now found an affordable Handiman that I believe will do a great job, allowing me to (finally!) put my home on the market. The fatigue persists, which makes me wonder what Lesson I have yet to learn or remember, or, what past Life issue may be  raising up for healing. I may be making another appointment with you .

Your humbleness, clear Intent and Focus on Only that which is to the Highest, Greatest Good, and determination that no ego only Christ is what is are Inspiring and humbling. I So Appreciate and am Grateful to you and Christ.  I hope your Pupp's leg is All Better! Congratulations on & many Blessings in your new Home!

From Zorro & my Heart's to Yours,

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Love, Bonnie




Dear Dawn,

"Miraculous" is the word that keeps coming to mind as every day brings the Joy of discovering something else that has been Transformed. And each return to Balance feels as natural as Breathing!

I feel like I have come back to Life, Lighter & more Present with myself.  

A back injury... Healed! No more pain! I had listened to the Joint segment of Total Body Rejuvination ONCE and my hips are remarkably better. I discovered this as my Pupp & I were hiking in the park & I Felt So Much more Comfortable!

I was brushing my teeth when I realized that the tooth pain was Gone! We had worked on "fear" for literally a few minutes and, the next time something "scary" had happened - I Felt Calm, and the phrase that popped into my head was, "I Am Strong!", and, I Felt that!

And the Messages you gave me from my Beautiful Daughter who had passed a month before our Private Session have Transformed my Life! Yes, there are times I cry, times I would like to text or call her, of course! But now, the predominate feeling is one of Joy, of Relief - She Really IS OK! More than "ok", she Is Filled with Joy & Peace & Love, & is having a Grand Adventure in her New Life! I "knew" that before, now, I Really Know it!

There's more too, but,  I think the above conveys that Dawn Crystal IS the Real Deal! What it may not convey is your Authenticity, your genuine Compassion, and the Nonjudgemental, Caring ways you interact with those of us Blessed with meeting you and being Transformed through through your Gifts. I am So Grateful for the Wonderfull Changes you have, and still are, through your recordings, bringing about in my Life.

Thank You Dawn Crystal. Many Blessings to You!


-  Bonnie





I lost my back right, my third molar, more than ten years ago while eating corn nuts. I couldn't tell what was tooth and what was corn nut at the time. OMG. With Great hope I bought Dawn Crystal's Dental Care package. MY TOOTH GREW BACK!!!! It's once rough, jagged edges smooth now as a normal tooth should be! What Just Happened!?? THANK YOU Dawn!!  You Are a Rock Star in sound healing m'dear!! TY TY TY TY TY!!!! 


- Karen Boda





I have sought out and have paid so many sound healers and nothing shifted for me. 


Until I heard a radio show Dawn Crystal was doing. Something shifted for me by just listening to the replay of this radio show. Dawn Crystal is the real deal and definitely sent to us by the Divine. I booked a session, I was somewhat skeptical but my intuition said do it, loud and clear. 


It was amazing. Dawn shared that the process would be working for awhile after my session. It’s been two weeks today and I have not felt this joyous and free in 20 years. Give yourself the best gift ever, work with Dawn Crystal, I will continue to work with her as long as she is doing this work. 


Bless you Dawn. Your healing is a miracle. 

- Michele 



Dear Dawn crystal,


Your sessions are a great help for me, a very positive transformation is going on!


I always believed in the healing capacities of sound, and now you give me the opportunity to discover by your beautiful and powerful voice the incredible benefits of it.

I am very grateful for this magnificent present I received from you!

Thank you so much!

You changed my life!



- Anita from Belgium




I found Dawn through Learning Strategies.  I was on the 1st series she did.  I would have been on more, but somehow I didn't know she did more than one.  It was wonderful. I had hip pain when I slept, and the 1st time I listened while I was listening my hip pain went away.  That blew me away!  I listened to them intermittently, and enjoyed it. It made a huge shift in my relationship with my husband. I used it to clear issues with my dog.   I do a lot of other energy clearing stuff so I got side track.  I was always curious but never ambitions enough to look up Dawn on the internet until about February.  I was out on a bike trail with the dogs & slipped on ice & broke my leg.  I had a lot of down time so I looked her up.  I was looking online for a private session. On like how did I create this how can I uncreate this what else is possible?  And what can I clear so it doesn't happen in the future?  That kinda looked like a dead end street, but I signed up for her email. 


So with the Total Body Rejuvenation I kept listening to the Ankle one a lot.  I do think it has helped the healing process.  I have also listened to the teeth one & that has been great.  I've unfortunately had a lot of dental work a & had t have 2 crowns this winter as well & it has been wonderful!


I got the new dental package as well & the coolest thing about that is that my teeth feel cleaner after I listen to it.


- Marjorie




Hello Dawn


I always feel at a loss for words just as the healing you do is beyond words. It is in the etheric and energetic realms that then transform into the physical. I feel more energy, liveliness, sparkle and joy in life. 


- Kari




Dawn Crystal’s Anti-Aging and Total Body Rejuvenation sound healing PDFs feel miraculous!  A literal Godsend.

    Thank you, Dawn Crystal, for sharing your spectacular gifts! 








I participated on a free on line course with Siegfried. I'm sorry I can't recall all her name yet it was a gift indeed as she introduced Dawn amongst many guests. 


Dawn was one of two who touched me very deeply in a short video where she used her ' sounding '.


 This went so deep as if an invisible hand was reaching inside me and lifting out what was ripe to be released, in my case emotional pain. 


Sound has always been a close friend of mine though strangely i can't listen to much music these days. 


Dawn's sound expression though had a wholly new expression, very pure and liberating. I could feel her journey that she shared as this gift was given to her.


 I would want everyone to be free from pain, and know that Dawn will be able to assist humanity to a new place of freedom.

Thank you.






Hi Dawn, Oh My Goodness!


Thanks to You and Creator, I FEEL SO Much Better about my Daughter's moving to Heaven! WHAT a Gift that is! Also, I feel like I've come back to Life. There are things that I'm interested in and will pursue. I'd thought of something that has been a challenge for me and both the phrase, "I am Strong!" with the feeling to match, just suddenly bloomed within. Every day I'm noticing something else that is Better. I am so Grateful to you for having offered a session with you as a part of your package with Greatest You Summit. That was an extremely Generous offer and I Do Appreciate it. From my Heart to Yours,



Love, Bonnie



Wow! Sigrid, this lady Crystal Dawn. She has a real gift!. I could feel the energy as she was doing her sound work and I can still feel the energy working now!

With love,

- Ana




Dawn did an excellent job at moving the energy. At tines I felt laughter and other times I felt like crying. I do find myself getting more stuff done and especially not being so tired. I really enjoy her modules as they are short and to the point. I find myself practicing opening my chakras and grounding as I'm drifting off to sleep. 


Thank you very much Dawn!!!!

- Carrie



You made my day!  Dawn is BRILLIANT and POWERFUL! I am thrilled with Body Rejuvenation, Pkg B.


Much thanks,

- Mary Holm (Washington state)




Dear Dawn,

This morning I realized that the big two scars I have on my right food after Hallux Valgus surgery 5 years before. were vanishing, after 5 years staying almost as they were at the beginning.


Also the overall skin of my body looks healthier and spots are diminished.

Thank you, Thank you, thank you!


- Barbara


Dear Dawn,


Just love you and all your programs i have purchased 3 of your programms:  Anti-ageing,  GAOPF, Total Body Rejuvenation would love to have the one with the weight lost too.


I was  very skeptical at the beginning but the more i listen to your interview i really resonated with your sounds healing.


All your programs helped me so much in my development and so happy to got them. 


I  have listen Item+1+Clearing+Emotional+Pain mp3 and all my unnecessary emotions and pain from my heart  just gone.


I encourage everyone to have Dawn programs to help and see life more beautiful and with more confidence.


Love you Dawn thank you  for your amazing work and for existing into my life.


Much much Love and Light from beautiful Dubai. 


Best Regards,

- Alina 

Dubai, U.A.E. 




Hi Dawn,


I sent one response already, but not sure if you received it, so here is another:


I stumbled upon Dawn Crystal when she was a guest speaker on one of the internet spiritual talk shows I subscribe to.

What a find!  I began to listen to her anti-aging, hormone balance, clearing lower emotions, and healthy hair/skin and nails short sound healings.  While visiting with friends in MA, one noticed how I looked younger and said 'You are turning back the clock.'  I knew it was because of these healings!

Dawn is such a clear channel.  I had the pleasure of having a short one-one-one phone healing that was right on target.  She channels with great compassion and truth.  I have recommended her to many of my energy healing friends, and consider her an active healing agent on this planet.  I am very grateful for being one of the many recipients of her gifts. 


- Ingrid




Dear Dawn,


First of all thank you for this beautiful gift you are sharing with the world. You are truly a gift!

I bought your anti-aging  program from Soul Talk. What a gift, specially for women, to use sound instead of surgery. It´s a groundbreaking work!

I come from a family of musicians so the work with sound, coming from Christ directly, definitively felt it was my way. 

I will try to explain briefly what happened so far (as my English is not so perfect).


I started with ¨Youth Elixir¨  for 21 days, as I have a very thin skin and lot of wrinkles (I am 67). My skin looks more firm,  I feel that this it is the starting point to get rid of the wrinkles. Maybe the wrinkles are a little bit less.

One day  I tried to listen also the one for hormones in the evening, but two on the same day was too much, as I do other energy works too. 


I continued  with ¨Thoughts and Feelings¨ starting on March 30th. It blowed me away. I felt the immediate shift and well being. Really, amazingly powerful.

I feel lighter and happier.


So thank you, thank you, thank you


Much Aloha,

- Barbara





I discovered Dawn’s work when she was the featured guest at an online telesummit, and after feeling drawn to her unique ability to heal with her voice.  I purchased a package that included a personal phone session with Dawn and was immediately struck by her ability to quickly and accurately intuitively hone right in on challenges from my past without my having given her any details whatsoever.   Included with the package were MP3 audio files that don’t take up a lot of time to listen to—in fact, I listen to them during the night while sleeping.  I’ve also purchased a couple of Dawn’s books since our session.  I’m glad to have learned about Dawn’s fascinating healing abilities and highly recommend both her audio files as well as a session with her for anyone wishing to receive emotional, physical, and spiritual healing.


- T Koenke


Hi Dawn,


Thank you so much for the work you are doing!  I purchased your Total Body Rejuvenation Package on February 17, 2019.  Since I have had vision issues since I was a young child, I listened to the Perfect Vision about eight times. 


I had my yearly eye exam yesterday.  The blepharitis I have been dealing with for years was mostly cleared.  I have also had very dry eyes and now my tear ducts are working much better.  With corrected vision the best my eye sight could be was 50/20 and yesterday it was 40/20.   My Dr. stated that I was the only patient he remembers whose eye sight improved!  I am sure it will continue!


Love this package!


Take/give care,


- Linda




I have purchased Dawn’s packages and had so many changes and tremendous growth. Her one on one sessions have been life changing. Literally.

Thank you Dawn!


- Pam W. 





I love you so much! You've given me my life back. I'm one of your Tuesday night students with Pete B. Your work has had a profound realization on me.

Thank you and hope to hear from you!

- Edgar


Hi Dawn,

I love your work & really feel & see the benefits of doing the liposuction mp3 ..... it’s totally out there, weird & wacky, it’s amazing!   Far better than going for surgery, fillers etc!  

With Blessings





Thank You so much, I am so grateful for this mp3 of sound healing.  It soothed and relaxed me I am truly grateful for the kindness and love you share!



- Gloria

Dear Dawn,


Many thanks for the session. It was very helpful and powerfully healing . My back is a lot better as though I Had a break in the middle of my body ( legs and trunk) and it  has gone back as one piece and what you told me about moving forward and my husband made a lot of sense. And especially healing the lack consciousness I do feel more connected and centered and really trust that I can move forward.








Dawn Crystal is an amazing Sound Healer! This is her second book and it is just as wonderful as the first! I have also had the good fortune to experience personal healings from Dawn through the Learning Strategies Corporation "Silent Clearings" program for 2 years in a row. Her next "Silent Clearings" program is expected to start around February 19 or so. In addition, she also has a wonderful website and I have purchased a number of her programs from there as well. I cannot wait for Dawn to come out with her "Complete Dental Health" energy healing program on her website.

Through Dawn, I have been healed of lifelong anxiety and panic-attacks (I am 50), as well as a painful back and right shoulder that have been bothering me for many years! She is truly amazing and a really wonderful person as well. I feel very lucky to have found her and I look forward to many years of Dawn's healing programs in my life. Thank you for everything, Dawn! You are a life-saver and you deserve every happiness! Much love to you always. You have a True Gift and I feel so lucky to have experienced your healing directly. Aloha! :-)


- Doug




This work has been so potent that the quality of my voice has elevated and i am now a produced composer and singer.


My relationships are healed and I have overcome patterns that I thought would take years to work through 


The emotional releasing was intense , more so on the 2nd or 3rd day of clearing I did the whole upgrade and harmful environments , as well as liposuction 



My body is free from cellulite and varicose veins (which was absolutely not the case before this) and my skin looks and feels better than ever 


I am living a completely new life, feeling like a lighter magical being constantly surrounded by miracles 


- Escalante 




Hi Dawn,


This is a testimonial for the 30 minute session we had. I was amazed at how quickly you honed into the core issues bothering me. Even though it wasn’t easy to hear, I knew in my heart that you spoke the truth. Clearing the emotional issues you identified will no doubt heal my physical problems faster.


Thank you Dawn!

- Kristine




Hello, I have purchased Dawn's Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Programs, as well as, have had a session with Dawn. In the session Dawn was able to locate the blocked energy in my body without me telling her where the pain was. I could feel the energy move out through my body giving me more energy and feeling lighter.  Through the years I have tried many healing modalities; none of them have worked as quickly as Dawn's has.  Looking forward to another session with Dawn.


- Rebecca ,

(Beaver Dam, WI)



I purchased four of your products, but I got a session with only one of them (would have rocked to buy sessions with all of them). I had been using the products before my session, and they did help. However, the session with you, really blew me away. I have never felt light like that before in my whole life. Totally awesome. The information that you gave me during the session was also really beneficial and I can see immediate results with use. Everything you said was right from my higher self and I know it. That gave me a lot of direction and new found sense of self. I feel more in tune with myself than I ever have and it's only going to get better. If this is what happens in one session, I cannot imagine what would happen in more.


- Brenna




Hi Dawn

 I would like to share with my experience in using your anti aging  program 

 the mp3's are amazingly powerful , i felt the change instantly after each time i listen to them and after a time of using them every few weeks i have a glowing skin and healthy hair , plus that i feel emotionally and physically stronger and have more energy through the day  .

thank you so much for your amazing healing 


Love You ,

 - Rabab.



Hi Dawn:  I bought Total Body Rejuvenation package.  I was shocked by the immediate results I saw the very first time when I listened  to Healthy Hair, skin & Nails. My skin was glowing and the nails looks like I had gotten it done professionally.  My Knees are doing much better also.

Thank you very much for the personal session.  You were so kind, and resolve lots of personal family issues coming from generation.   




Hi Dawn,

          I have not purchased any of your products yet. I do have some recordings from your old webinars. I especially love the energy clearing work that you do in the webinar and listen to it daily. I feel at a level of higher vibration after listening to it. 

Thank you for sharing.


- Sam





Dear Dawn,


I have bought some of your packages and I can say that your work is awesome! The recordings have helped me feel so much better. I have some serious issues with my back, but after hearing your recordings the pain has subsided, so I know it’s working! You are a blessing and thank you for sharing your gift to help the world. I can’t wait to experience my private session with you!


With much love,

- Phiroza 




Hi Dawn,


I just wanted to say that you are so insightful and gifted.  You knew so much of my 'story' and quickly intuited who was draining my energy, where I was losing it, and how to stop it.  You were able to see where I held stress in my body and released it for me.  I say prayers of gratitude every morning, and I now include having known you along my journey as part of that.  Thank you for your heart-felt intentions, and the clearings I received.  I listen to your MP3's almost daily now, and can see how I am looking and feeling younger every day.  I have truly been telling so many about you and your gift of sound healings.  You are an inspiration.  From one light worker to another....thank you dear Soul for sharing your gift with us so beautifully.


- Ingrid






I purchased Dawn's Anti Aging program the end of the year; previously I purchased the Weight Loss program.


Have gone through all the package items for the Weight Loss and just a couple of the Anti Aging.  Wanted to say that I feel that I have more energy; old energy is clearing out which is awesome!!!

Thank you for your time.




- Rebecca





Dear Dawn

Happy New Year!


I have a big testimonial for you, after purchasing  total body rejuvenation  and anti aging.I listen faithfully to them, and at night for your best sleep item! Now though, my computer has crashed and I cannot find them ! Please help, only when they are not there do I realize how reliant I have  been, in their helping me keep in shape in body and mind. No one can guess my age and I feel great, but please advise if they can be resent as I do not want to be without them for long!


Love and light

- Susan




I worked with Dawn to help me increase my energy. I have always had an issue with an energy dip during the mid afternoon. Dawn helped me clear what was holding my life force energy down. Since my session with Dawn, I am amazed! I have had a steady amount of energy every single day since the session. I don’t need short afternoon naps anymore!!! For my work - this is awesome! I am much more productive during the day so I am able to end my workday earlier. Everyone in my family is so much happier because of this!



Thank you Dawn!!!


- Gretchen





Dear Dawn,


I got 3 of your packages


·         Anti-aging – Patty Host

·         Get Out of pain forever Cary Host

·         Total body rejuvenation with 1 -1 session with you – Darius Host



I’m so happy after listening to all your programs and happy I’m gone share it with my mom/.She cant speak English but till 1 march she is visiting me here in Sharjah- UAE and I m sure she will feel much better with her knees pain and her sarcoidosis illness. Do I have to translate in details all the items or it is enough to tell her this item is for healing your knee for example and she will simply listen to your voice for healing


Just love  you and love your life story and the simply way you presented it.


I find my peace and all the unnecessary emotions disappeared, and I look for sure more younger and of course more things happened beyond my comprehension.


You are such a fantastic amazing person and just love your energy and happy to find you to all the platforms I was listening. Just love your picture with white dress and the blue flower.


Have a fantastic day!


Best Regards,


- Alina ( UAE)




Hi Dawn,

The session with you was really awesome.  

I have never felt the energy move before like I did today.  

I feel lighter and terrific!


- Rebecca




Dear Dawn,

I am so happy to get your 2 packages: No more pain and Anti-aging. I was so hungry to listen and experience your all mp3

I can say  that all the pain of  feeling and emotions and heart-broken pain  just disappeared in a miraculous way I feel so good now and I’m expecting more good things  to happen… I’m able to wear a dress which I was unable to close the zip, my carvings  almost gone… I look radiant and full of energy and I feel my face it is glowing and I’m happy to receive so many compliments in the office .. or from people who knows me…

I listen to the Clearing feeling and emotions mp3 for 5 days in row maybe 5 times a day and from the first day I felt improvement….it soothe my heart ….So happy for that…

I listen to your life story and your sincerity of your story and it is just amazed me the way you went through all your life… I am so inspire by you

Thank you Patty, Carry and Thank you Dawn for being part of my life

Best Regards,

- Alina




The first time I experienced Dawn Crystal, 

I was sitting on a chair resting my chronically painful knees.

I was tired and dosed off, but was suddenly awoken by one of her loud, high pitched vocalizations.

I began to laugh..NOT at Dawn (I did not question her sincerity), but because I was so startled!

After listening to the rest of Dawn's interview and receiving her remote Energy Healing offerings, 

I got up from my chair, and noticed that my Knees did NOT hurt! 

Did Dawn's Sound Healing help my knees, I wondered ?!?  

I ordered Dawn's "Total Body Rejuvenation" program to experiment and find out. 

After listening to Dawn's Recordings, my Knees felt stronger, more stable, and Pain FREE!  WOW!!

A couple of weeks later, I experienced another (not the first time) bout with Vertigo, Nausea and lack of Balance.  

I had a phone session with Dawn during this time, and she saw and cleared blockages in my upper Chakras, 

and Grounded me very deeply so I felt much more Balanced and stable when I walked.  Dawn also saw causes 

of some of my physical and emotional issues going back to my Family and lineage, and helped clear them. 

I would wholeheartedly recommend Dawn Crystal for her miraculous Healing programs and personal sessions.

Besides Dawn's amazing Healing Gifts, she has great integrity and compassion, and humbly gives credit to GOD 

for any healing that others receive through her work.  MANY THANKS & MANY BLESSINGS to you, Dawn.

- from Nikki K.  in Virginia





- Nikki K.



This is my 2nd session with you!! The session we had last night was incredible. I had to lay down for 2 hours. My head and body felt a buzzing sensations. It was also trance like. The work we did letting go of the abuse with my father was freeing in a way I never experienced before. I feel more love for him! I didn't realize how much I needed to hear that he was sorry for his part in our relationship. As for my husband, I'm seeing things differently!! I want to take back my power more than ever!! Dawn, thank you dearly for your love, support and healing!!! You told me a few times that I am an old soul with a beautiful spirit!! You said not to let it go to my ego, and it hasn't. My heart and spirit needed to know & hear that my light is bright!! It isn't something that I feel that I'm better than anyone!! I never felt better than anyone, in fact just the opposite!! I look forward to strengthening my boundaries in our next session! I need more confidence in myself in all areas. But especially "making it on my own". I still feel like a little weak girl in that area! I know that God has put you in my path & I am immensely grateful to him for that! Thank you again!! Can't wait for our next session!! I'm sending you a whole bunch of love to your beautiful spirit!!



Big hugs too!!




Aloha Dawn Crystal,
You are so amazing! I just happened to catch you on Quantum Conversations today and as I was listening you gave me a personal reading, like you and I separated from the show and had a cup of tea together, you are really to the point and down to business, made me cry, and I just look at you and see Hawaiian Royalty, an Ascended Master, and Lemurian Honcho! (and mermaid!) Plus you are so beautiful and brilliant. 

Wow, what a gift to get a glimpse of who you are, your photo is very powerful, and a healing tool!  I wish I could remember everything you said to me, you gave me the gift of taking off a blindfold, you said I was wearing a blindfold and couldn't see who I really am. 

I look forward to the unfolding. At the moment I am a poet, and here is a poem about you!

Dawn Crystal
ever insightful
full of grace
with a flower in her hair
she rises above the ocean waves
she resides in the mountain
presides over the whales, dolphins
mystic reveler
bubbles at her feet
she is alive
freedom between her sounds
the ocean vibrates with her
momentum she is garnished
by the leis threaded by all of her children
she has healed
for she is the great one
that all man has know for many ages
she smiles because she knows
she knows.

Love you,

-Flower Diamond XFD
(San Francisco CA. USA)






First I purchased the Anti-aging Package.  Then purchased Facial, followed by Pain Free.   


I had chronical fatigue for many years.  Have released, detoxed, healed with

other healers and Masters for many years but kept coming back. With one amazing healer my fatigue was getting better but mild attacks came back.  That’s when I met your healing voice.


With the Anti aging program my inflammation went away after listening for a few days and became more energetic to live with vitality every day.  

Those that may have similar symptoms this really means a great deal.   


My boyfriend had pain in his hand from joint pain/inflammation.  He purchased the Pain Free program and now no more pain and the inflammation is gone.  Every time the weather pattern changed, he was suffering.  This was a symptom which was hereditary (came from lineage).  So It’s magic.  


I also had a private session which I highly recommend for everybody as Dawn really sees the whole you, sees the deep core emotional issues and releases it heals immediately.  


The Pain program, while it is specific to the pain of different parts of the body it is recommended for any symptom without physical pain.   I feel 

The healing addresses whatever you may need both physically and emotionally at the time you listen. 


I have been listening to these healings for a few months and my body 

tingles more profoundly today.  I feel lighter. 


An amazing healing method beyond Sound/voice, enabling you to reach the

Christ yourself. 



PS Pain Free - when you say pain free one usually thinks of physical pains.  You should stress that your healing really focuses into emotional pains as well. I saw “scenes” leaving.  


Another thing.  Regarding your book,  I have an account with Amazon Japan 

and without purchasing from them I cannot write a comment.  So I’m asking

how this can be done.  


I am soooooo grateful and thankful to have met you Dawn.   Please create

MP3s for “eyes” and Immunity for all seasons and cold/flu in the winter season. 


Mahalo with love,

- Hiroko h Ito 





Hello Dawn Crystal,

I have very hard water at the place where i live not so nice to drink.

when i use you energizing water mp3 on it, it becomes much softer and more alive.


- Josef 

It has only been a few days and just hit and miss listening to the modules and I lost 4 pounds and 1" off my waist so I look forward to the results as I continue to listen to them more regularly. I am grateful to have Sound Therapy available to assist with weight loss!

- SE



I had heard Dawn several times on telesummits and, each time, I felt a strong resistance. Fortunately, I have figured out by now that resistance means there is something important for me there. Oh boy was I right!

My session with Dawn really blew me away. Everything she said was spot on and everything she did hit the mark; so much shifted in these 30 minutes! The positive impact of the shift was felt immediately on all levels – physical, emotional, spiritual, and it translated into a stream of “good news” coming through in the following days. In other words, there was a noticeable turnaround in my life as a whole after that session. Although I bought the session as part of a weight loss package, its scope and impact were much broader. Dawn makes every minute of the 30-minute session count, without ever losing connection, warmth and compassion.

In terms of the weight loss package, I am still going through the MP3s so it is early days. What I notice first and foremost at this time is a shift in approaching the issue and food choices specifically. I am quite confident that overall, the session and MP3s will translate into some positive results regarding weight.

I highly recommend Dawn Crystal. She is truly phenomenal.

- Valerie M.



The words seem empty to describe the profound impact of my session with Dawn. She has an amazing ability to listen to the soul speak and is guided by Pure Christ. In my short 25 or 30 minutes with her I was able to heal 30 year old emotional wounds I didn't even realize were still there! The impact on my life has been a delightful effervescent emotional resilience that I was unaware I wasn't enjoying !!

Strongly recommend you enjoy any opportunity to do individual work with her, no matter what you may intend, she has a direct link to pure Christ that will allow you to have your intention attended to - yet not limited by your vision of what you need. An incredible experience to be able to have Christ work directly with you, through her pervasive nurturing healing gift!!

- Margaret

Hello Dawn - I purchased your Weight Loss Package.  I have been listening for several days (not yet a week) and I lost 5 pounds without trying.  Also my right knee pain has decreased and I feel I have more energy.  I also have realized a positive shift in my self-image. 



- Jane 


Part of me felt kind of stupid and crazy for signing up for this even though I've been using your programs for decades. I mean, I can't exactly afford it, and it's just some lady making weird noises over the phone. But my intuition kept urging me, so I went for it. 


I'm almost 50 but had such an excruciating childhood, I've still suffered the effects no matter how hard I've tried everything under the sun to heal. Some things have helped but not enough to quell the constant underlying desire to end it. I thought about killing myself all the time as a kid, and the desire always remained no matter how hard I tried to heal and think positive. I would never do it because I wouldn't leave my child alone in the world, and I knew it was just leftover darkness, but to varying degrees it was the backdrop to even the happiest of times for my entire life.


Well, yesterday was Suicide prevention day, and I realized that I had not thought about killing myself for several days. That weight is gone. There's light in that place. So, that's pretty cool for only one session with Dawn Crystal. Thanks for that. I'm excited to see what happens next. 


- Lynn

Dear Dawn


I purchased all your energy downloads and have been playing them regularly since summer and I must say, they make me feel at peace and full of optimism. We also had two one on one session which I enjoyed immensely. My life has become more of experiencing trust and lightness which I am so very grateful for. You certainly have helped lifting much burden from my shoulders. Thank you so very much for your immense support!

May the light guide you at all times, always, much love

- Christina (London)

Dear Dawn,

Being an energy healer, medical intuitive, empath, animal communicator myself, I can truly say that you are very gifted and that your sound healing frequencies are very strong and effective.

I thoroughly enjoyed the private session you so generously included in the purchase of your total body Rejuvenation program. It made me feel so much better, more grounded and alive. But most important I could feel your passion for your work. You truly want to be of service and your heart connection with the client is very strong. It has been a honor connecting with you via Skype.

Thank you 🙏 you are an inspiration for me.

With Angelblessings 

- Angelina 😇


I was in extreme pain back in the latter part of June/July. I do not know where it came from and why, and my appointment with Dawn was scheduled for July 21. I asked Dawn if she could move me up or squeeze me in because I was experiencing excruciating pain that I had never felt before.  Since someone had rescheduled, she had an opening for the July 7, and I was able to take that spot.  Dwan did what she does best with her sound healings and going to the core of the problem, I didn't even notice, but my pain went away and that next week, the pain was gone.  It went as mysteriously as it came. It was miraculous.  Thank you, Dawn, so much for your generosity and flexibility. 


- Jane



Hi, Dawn,

Here is the testimonial you requested. You may use all or parts of it as you choose.

August was a particularly difficult month for me. Fortunately, I had my private session with Dawn on September 3rd. That session was phenomenal. I released much negative energy I didn't even know I had. That night, I had fhe first good night's sleep I have had in along time. The dreams were positive, too, instead of ones about some tragedy or another that I had to overcome. I am currently working my way through the series of Abundance Blocks mp3's that were part of the package I bought and find them helpful as well. My energy is now more positive and I wake up looking forward to how the day will unfold instead of thinking this is just another day I have to get through. Dawn is truly amazing. I connected with her energy during the webinar she was on and the connection became more evident when I spoke to her on the phone. You will not regret purchasing any of the packages she offers as she is sincere in wanting to help you and not just wanting to make a buck pushing a product you really don't need. She helps you find the true you that is part of the Whole/God. Once you find that part of you, and learn how to allow what your desires to manifest instead of resisting those things you are attracting that you don't want, you will find your life has changed forever in a very, very positive way. I am truly grateful I found the one person who could get through my resistance and help me birth the part of me that is truly part of Christ/God. Now I can continue exploring what is mine to do in this lifetime allowing only those energies that are in my highest good to manifest themselves in Divine timing. Dawn helped me and she can help you, too, if you choose to allow that to happen.

- Donna Davis



Hi Dawn and Dawns team,

I have experienced Anti Aging for several weeks and recently purchased 
your facelift. Amazing results ... but as my boyfriend is experiencing 
both Anti Aging and the pain Package. 

Thank you for being here for us, Dawn

Gratefully with love

- Mahalo



Hi Dawn,


I am in such deep gratidute to you and your amazing work 🙏🙏🙏
I contacted you to work with my beloved dog and not only did he received healing, I also got an amazing session with you 🙏❤🙏
You are a truely divine being and for anyone that is looking for healing... Dawn is an incredible healer... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

Lots of love and gratitude 



Dawn, Your a magical gift to my life. Finding you randomly one evening after being guided in a dream by my grandfather who I channel with often, he gave me a perfect description of the person who I needed for my next healing. That very next day in my inbox I received an email that had a replay of one of your online talks, I knew immediately seeing your picture you where the exact person my grandfather had described the night before so I proceeded to listen to your free healing followed by purchasing the get out of pain package which included a private session with you. As I proceeded to schedule my first solo appointment with you I was able to book my appointment the very next day which once again I knew this had to be more than divine intervention. My first solo appointment I noticed immediate shifts in my life so much I paid for a second solo session.  I can’t thank you enough for sharing your gifts with the world, your generosity at the end of my second session with a free bonus extra healing but more importantly releasing blocks that have hindered me for years. 


Your a true blessing,

- Laura 




I loved your presentation on Judy's program and received healings from it on several levels, even though I only listened to it once (so far!) and only in "replay" form, and even though it was the "facelift"  presentation and not even the "pain" presentation!

I have always believed that healing should be "visible, tangible, physical" (my own personal "big three"!), but I have never actually experienced healing in any of those forms until I found you today. 

- Carole


I will be joining you for the new Learning Strategies sessions!  I absolutely love you and what you do.  You have made amazing changes in my life and I am so grateful!!  Thank you.

- Cheri




Dawn, I’ve tried quite a few different packages from different healers.

Your Anti-aging MP3s are amazing!

When I am listening to them I can feel energy buzzing all around my body, especially at the top of my head.

After listening I feel out of space at the beginning, but later I feel more grounded. I sleep better, I feel better. I feel connected!

Your work is very important and much appreciated.

Much Aloha!

And Blessings!

- Tatyana





The Anti-aging program works wonders! Mostly all the wrinkles on my face have disappeared and I look ten years younger. I am still working on the perfect weight part, my cravings are less, and I’m eating more fruits and vegetables. My skin is now very soft and I am glowing. I feel totally different. Thank you Dawn for being who you are today and for helping people, as we all deeply appreciate your work! Thank you so very much!!

- Caroline M.





I purchased Dawn’s Abundance package four days ago.

I have listened to the first few of the 17 MP3s....

...and, I have never felt  so very happy about money. 


It is strange to have this swift of a transformation.....

Money has been an “issue” for

myself and my family for decades.


Now, to think about money and feel happy... to feel of course

all the money I want is there for me to have is really

strange... a good strange.  I can only imagine where

my money reality will be in a few weeks when I finish

the rest of the course.


Thank you Dawn... you rock... and, blessing of over

flowing money showers for you.


- J Wilder




I purchased Dawn’s package several months ago.  Her healing sessions are amazing. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 30 years and listen to an appropriate one when I need too...typically my knee/wrist/ankle pain dissipates and I feel calmer.  I like how she targets healing to specific parts of the body as well as emotional issues. It works!

 - Karen N

I just got Dawn's MP3s on Abundance... and, I am seeing results... that is, more money coming in and less stress..... during her 10 minute recordings time seems to stop..and, when they are done.... I feel like it has been 1/2 hour and I feel so different about money.... better different...... Thanks Dawn... you be rocking and rolling.....

- Jay

In April, I listened online to the replay of an interview you had on the You Wealth Revolution Network. I followed along with your clearing on reconnecting with soul. Afterward, when I looked in the mirror, I truly did see a younger looking me! More importantly, I immediately recognized my soul (me) in my eyes, radiating a loving and peaceful sense of being "home" at last!  The first time I didn't recognize myself in the mirror was 45 years ago at age 14 and again when I was 32. This healing was profound and came as a complete surprise as I was unaware that my soul was disconnected from my body!  Two weeks later, I had an amazing 30-minute one-on-one telephone clearing session with you!  I continue to move towards my life purpose to spread love, hope, and healing to others!  God Bless you, Dawn Crystal!  With hugs and gratitude,


- Priscilla in Maine (USA)

I love the sleep deeper into peace!! It has saved me so many worked most every time! During a very stressful time going through the breakdown of a marriage that wasnt working.



- Hailey 




Hi Dawn, Just wanted to let you know I tuned in again today and

I think that little MP3 (or something!) actually really helped me ..

feels like my system got a lot more smoothed out in general and I

think helping my stomach / food issues.


Thank you.

- Whitney 




Good evening, Thank you for clearing my migraine headache

when you conducted the group Activation.

I had migraine headaches in the past few days and gone. 


I am stressed out due to part time job I am planning to leave as soon as possible i get a better job. I am listening to replay of your interview with Eram.


Thank you.








Your clearings were absolutely amazing! I’ve been doing the clearings with you and Learning Strategies and they have been amazing and help me more than I can tell you.


Thank you!

- Cheri


Dear Dawn,

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing gifts with me.  I am so grateful for your time & effort during my 3 sessions (FHTY - Anti-Aging Package).  You are truly one of a kind. Last night's final call session was amazing and releasing the soul (baby) back to Christ was so right..he/she would have been attached to me for more than 26 yrs..finally now back with Christ


Much Love & with Gratitude,

- Wendy



I left a longer testimonial for Dawn on Learen's posting of this video, but I guess YT isn't letting me copy/paste, so this one will be shorter.


I have lost a lot of teeth due to negligence and I know the feeling of a tooth in great danger. I was experiencing that a few days ago. Also, in the couple weeks before then, I had noticed gum disease, probably gingivitis, which I had never experienced before.



I was riding my bike after a long hard shift (as a bicycle courier), going home, up a 4 mile hill, aching all over and was dealing with the sore gum around the tooth in danger. I couldn't wait to get home and brush my teeth (what's left of them) with Super Blue with tea tree oil and spearmint, and then take some extra strength PM medication and try to get in several hours sleep.


My hope was that after doing all that, I'd awake and my mouth would be in quite as much of an emergency situation. I put this video on, via ear buds, and listened as I was battling the hills. I'm open minded about energy healing but I assumed to get help, I would need to listen to the video several times a day over the course of several days, on a large hi fi system, turned up so I could feel the vibes go into my body.


Imagine my shock when I got and plopped down before brushing and taking the pain med, to discover the soreness, pain, sensitivity in the gum around the tooth in danger was completely gone. I guess with all the other body aches, I hadn't noticed anything.


I clamp down on my teeth and it did not feel abnormal at all. I was flabbergasted. I did not even hope to feel nearly so good even if I had brushed, taken the pills and gotten several hours of deep sleep.


I will be purchasing her special deal as soon as I can free up the funds, but what's cool is even the free stuff she makes available is powerful enough to do a lot of good. She is for real. The gift is real, and how can you not love her the way she keeps saying,


"Thank you for allowing me to share my gift"?


She's not just beautiful on the outside.


Thanks Dawn Crystal!

- Bo Mac





I have purchased 2 of your packages-Total Body Rejuvenation and Anti Aging both from the Eram show and I think they are brilliant!

I think your work is outstanding and I have done much spiritual and energetic work. Thank you for your pure openness and generosity of spirit!


Much love and light,

- Michelle 



I have purchased 3 of Dawns programs and had a session with her.  I cannot encourage anyone enough to participate in her wonderful healing love and beautiful vibrations.  I felt so much energy and love from Christ through her I was floating.  Speaking with her I felt as I was talking to my long lost sister. She is a beautiful wonderful, truly loving lady.  I am grateful that she shares her beautiful gift with us.  I am grateful she has helped me remove my blocks.


Many Blessings,

- Shawn H.

Hi Dawn, The depression you moved out of me has not returned and I am incredibly grateful! Some nice new friends have shown up and I started a fitness program that I would never in a million years imagined I would be doing.

I can't wait to see what the Abundance Program does for me! 


All the best!

- Diane

It has been quite a journey since you helped me embody my soul, April 20th. A lot of deep clearing since you removed the implant etc.I feel a lot lighter and freer to Be me. I still feel like I am detoxing every morning, as I wake up feeling hung over every morning with skull and neck/shoulder pain shifting and moving. Thank you so much! No one else was able to do what you have done for me.

- Katherine

"Just listening to a Replay from another Telesummit of a Group Chakra clearing Dawn did (similar to the one Dawn did on the call - which you can listen to on the Replay) helped Shashi get relief from the pressure on her gall bladder from Fibroid cysts.   Shashi had decided not to have a surgical procedure to relieve the pressure in June 2017 - as the procedure did not guarantee any improvement and  Shashi felt that a non-invasive solution would come to her.  It did when Dawn reached out to her about coming on as a Speaker on Transformation To Joy.  Shashi, just doing her research about Dawn's healing ability was guided to listen to a call Dawn did several months ago.  It seems, Shashi's inner GPS was spot on, there was indeed a non invasive solution to her medical issue!"

Shashi Langham,

Host & Founder of Transformation To Joy Global Telesummit

Hi Dawn Crystal,


'I've been meaning to send you this testimonial for a few days now but a funny thing has happened. I keep forgetting to write it because I keep forgetting I had any problems. (LOL) I only remembered now because I saw the list I had written before our session that said things like, "I am gripped by fear" or "I feel like my soul has been crushed". I looked at that list this morning and thought, "I was?"... "It did?" I can't even relate to that anymore.

It's taken a minute but I finally understand why that is. Somehow in that session, it was as if I stepped through a thin veil into a slightly different version of me. It happened so easily and gently that I hardly noticed. The issues associated with the 'other me' have just fallen away and it feels like I have always been the way I am now. I know that sounds totally weird but who cares! I love the 'new' me!

I am so incredibly grateful for this transformation and the session. I don't think I have ever felt so 'seen'. To say you have changed my life for the better would be a meager understatement.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


- DP

So many of us work between struggle and hope in our lives. I've been trying to manage anxiety, heal from physical ailments, while also wanting to grow into more abundance and higher energetic integrity. I have found Dawn's voice guidance and acoustic clearings to be enormously helpful and transformative. With dedication, I listen to her modules daily and also regularly journal. In only two weeks, I feel more attuned, expanded and wholly rooted in my own two feet. — Anne 


Wishing you ever greater circles of influence, and much love,


- Anne

I purchased Dawn's Total Body Rejuvenation and her Anti-Aging Packages.  I first purchased the Anti-Aging package and noticed improvement in my back after listening for a couple of days.  Then I heard about her Total Body Rejuvenation a few weeks later, while I was still working my way through the Anti-Aging package, and switched over to it.  I also had a personal session with Dawn.  I have noticed some other shifts, particularly in my knees.  Other things seem to be taking longer, but it seems like the energy keeps working and I feel like with more time, other things will improve as well. During my personal session, I really appreciated Dawn's loving presence.

- Bonnie

I love Dawns tonal activations!  I immediately felt tingles running up & down my body & a feeling of relaxation that was so peaceful. I listen to her tones 1st thing in the morning to get my day started off “ on the right foot” so to speak. I would recommend Dawn also because she is a really kind & generous person 💖



My first private session with Dawn Crystal had a profound impact on how I feel. I'd had other energy clearing before her, but none got to such a deep level. She restored the energy that had been drained away from me and I could sense and feel my own energy for the first time. Since then I've been using the Whole Body clearing meditations every morning. When I had the flu I used the "clearing the throat and lungs" module and I believe this really kept my symptoms manageable. It's a beautiful, easy, and relaxing way to start my day!  

Thank you!

- JM, Maryland


Dear Dawn 

I loved the mp3s specially the youth elixir , i have been using the program for 2 days now and  i noticed that i feel more energized, my skin looks radiant ..  really exited to have the session with you .

much love and blessings .

- Rabab


Aloha Dawn Crystal:


I believe you have a unique gift, and that you should share with the world. A while back, I added your sound healing to my chiropractic, and physical therapy to my healing protocol that I believe has helped me deal with pain that is a result of years of athletic endeavor as well as a few childish disregard. Since then, my mobility has improved, in addition, the pain that I experience now is very, very minimal and flare ups are few and far between. I sleep better, and I have been more productive at work, I have noticed.


Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me.



- Jeffrey 

Hi Dawn! I listened to the replay of your program on You Wealth Revolution Network. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a younger me! More importantly, I recognized my soul (me) in my eyes, radiating a loving and peaceful sense of being "home" at last after many decades of feeling lost. A true miracle, indeed! I look forward to meeting with you, Dawn Crystal! Hugs!


Hi Dawn, Since you worked with me on the call with Lauren Galey, last night when I got into bed I felt so Yummy inside!!! I felt Loved and Loved myself. Feelings that have eluded me for some time.


The true test for me is if I am able to feel this way the next day. 

When I woke up this morning, I felt an energy, my life force and inner light radiating and my inner joy. 

My energy is better and I still have a ways to go. I am beginning a new transformation and healing now. 

I have been working on myself for 38 plus years. I'm a young 60 now.


I am so grateful to you Dawn Crystal. I now have 3 of your packages and 3 sessions with you per package. I have not set them up yet and I will. I am excited to work with you. I sent Eram's email to my friend Suzanne and she too purchased your package and a session. She and I have both been to India and are Awakened. We are both vessels for Divine Grace to flow through us by giving Awakened Deeksha to initiate people's Awakening Process. Health has been an issue for us both. I shared my experience 

with her of working with you on Acoustic Health. She's excited as well for her session with you. 


Life feels worth living for me now. It's been a struggle in the past from the get go. I now feel that I can heal and move forward with my life and express my Purpose for this lifetime in being of Service and helping others.  


I appreciate you and the sound healing transmissions from Christ that you offer us. Thank you.


Many Blessings and Love,


- Marci 

Hi Dawn! I wanted to thank you for the healing tonight on Lauren's call!

I feel so amazing!

Love & light,


Hi Dawn, Thank you so much for bringing my soul into my body. Light is coming out of my eyes. I feel so much better and peaceful. I am so Grateful.


Blessings and Much Love,

- Marci 

Hi Dawn, My testimonial in support of your Get Out Of Pain Forever Program.  I listened to your Mp3 for Ankles, Feet & Knees for knee pain which just flared up, don't usually get that. I listened once a day for just over a week. By the 2nd day it eased somewhat and continued to ease. By day 6 it was hardly's almost 10 days now and the pain is gone. I didn't take any medication or use balms or anything else, just listened to your Mp3 once a day...I've moved on to the other Mp3s in this program and am also on the Anti-Aging..thanks for sharing your divine healing gift of sound. You are blessed.


- Wendy 

Hi Dawn,  First of all, I have to tell you I absolutely love the work you do 

and the results I get.  I am part of the Learning Strategies Tues. eve. group.

You have been such a blessing in my life.  In fact, I listened to last Tuesday's

event again early this morning.  I know I will sleep well afterward.

 Thank you!

- Cheri

Hi Dawn, I have neurodermitis since 6 weeks of age (now i am 49) and many problems with dry skin. . After listening to the mp3 concerning the Skin I had a sudden memory of an agreement between my higher self and me before incarnating into the current life about going to have skin illnesses. I was surprised about this memory as I had forgotten  about it. My higher self asked me now if I wanted to terminate the agreement. I aswered that I would only want to have it nullified after having fullfilled all the reasons why the contract was made in the first place. I presume I will live with it for a while longer.but I don't feel so bad about it anymore.
That this communication and memory came up is a sign for me that your Sound healing works.

Also while listening to the chakra clearing during the interview on the telesummit tears came up from my inner child and I felt unconditional love. There were memories of the peace and love that was in the universe outside the physical incarnation..Memories of that peace were new to me as well.

Thanks for offering your Sound healing to the world.

Best wishes,

- Tatjana

Just to let you know I am feeling so much better. My feet feel very connected to the earth so each step I take feels planted. I am thinking this is why I have been falling so often. 


I feel the energy from Crown to Heart.

Really looking forward to my next session. 

Take care,

- Janet

Hi Judy, just for saying THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ! for picking up my question with Dawn (and getting her on the show ) I wasn't able to respond in the q&a-box what i felt after Dawn sending me the energy, so here it is: i felt the energy moving and felt it down into my toes and sacral and… well yeah, all over…  Big kiss and have a wonderful day, week, month, etc… :)

- Carla

Thanks for the kind words and actions and love and light and the prayers and sounds may all the help healing prayers and thoughts and blessings you give us and all be yours a thousand fold and fun and Joy laughing grinning you rock my world am so grateful for the healing for my wife and myself already looking forward to our private sessions you are totally inspiring and awesome am glad we connect live


- Timothy

"Dawn Crystal is a pure channel, meaning she is egoless in her work. She fully allows Christ to move through her to client unobstructed and unaltered by any human ego mind distortions. I found myself fully able to trust and therefore open fully to Christ Energies. The next morning I was able to walk down the stairs with absolutely no pain in hips or knees. Not only is my body healing, but the healing ripples from body up through my human mind, clearing out distorted thoughts, beliefs, mental constructs that caused the physical 'dis-ease' initially. I loved working with Dawn. She is so True and Pure in her work, her intentions and heart. I am so grateful for her assisting me in finding the 'light' I could not identify alone."

Thank you so much, Dawn. 


Love, Kathy Kirk

Hello Dawn!


Your anti-aging package has been AMAZING!! I had only heard the Youth Elixir mp3 once and my sister in law commented on how my face was glowing. She couldn't stop going on about it  I had not told her anything about your program so she had absolutely no idea that i was listening to your mp3.


Also i have noticed that my sugar cravings have reduced considerably.

The other amazing thing that's happened was while listening to your hair, skin and nails mp3, i felt tingling on my scalp almost like little ants crawling on my head. Not a joke my hair is considerably thicker and shinier and this too after just listening to this your mp3 only once.


Absolutely love your programs.

Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.


Much gratitude,

- MC (Australia)

I recently purchased Dawn's Anti-Aging and Get Out of Pain Forever program.  I listened to the mp3 for back pain, and immediately my back felt better.  I had a sore throat the other night, and listened to her throat to lungs mp3, and my the soreness went away.  I have to repeat these and, I think, do the rest of the program to get to a "final clear" - where pain does not return.  One mp3 at a time though!


Thanks Dawn!

- Bonnie

Overnight my nails were noticeably growing and within a week, the ridges have lessened. My skin is softer and a rough patch on my chin is nearly gone. And my skin was glowing, like I had a light bulb inside of me. Right away!

The winter depression has also lessened, and I was able to attend a family function that for years I had not gone to this time of year, and as well, my energy levels are up, which isn’t usual for this time of year.

Coughing and wheezing has lessened; almost gone now.

Back and shoulder pain disappears too!  Well worth the price!  And this was all within two weeks of listening to Dawn’s MP3’s.


- Alice

Btw had to leave straight after our session to the shops  and I had men noticing me today  and Smiling and I have so much energy and sense of excitement..I couldn't believe it as I was depleted and my face looked horrible before I spoke to you.

what a wonderful change and can't wait for what's next in my life .


Loads of love thank you. 

- Suki

Hi Dawn,
It has been a glorious week since our treatment.  My overall health seems to be substantially better.  My head tremor was dramatically reduced most of the week.

Thank you for sharing your gifts.

Love & Light 

Elaine (FL)

Thank you for a wonderful clearing!!  I will feel more energized, vital and regular.


Thanks again! You are a blessing to the world!

Peace, serenity and blessings!

Christine (Canada)

Dear Dawn,
Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. Thanks to your Session I breath more freely and my soul is finally happy again. This won't be the last time I will ask for a session with you! I wish you a happy new year, happiness and divine love from the universe and all loving people on this earth.
May God be with you and your loved ones

- Martina  (Las Vegas)

Hi Dawn, Thank you so much for the healing session today I feel More lighter and

A sense of peace I have not felt in a long while. My friend even commented.


Love and Light, 

- Jacqueline  (Canada)

Hi Dawn you spoke with me today on WMAP Radio, I can not thank you enough for my 2 min session. As I said on WMAP I have multiple autoimmune diseases one of which being psoriatic arthritis. I am always in a lot of intense pain to the point that my voice shakes when I speak, after my session I was amazed! One of the very first things I noticed beside my pain subsiding, I noticed when I was speaking to you and KC My voice was not shaking at all! It was totally awesome to hear my own voice again and to go through the rest of my day practically pain-free! I have tried Pharmaceuticals, essential oil’s, and all kinds of holistic healing nothing worked. The only time I had any relief when I was deep in prayer with God and meditating. This is the first day in a very long time that my pain is either gone in some areas completely or not as intense! My brain fog is completely gone! I can go on and on. You have a gift and I feel the Lord brought you into my life today to give me some relief! Thank you so much for an answered prayer you are my angel! I’m very interested in speaking to you more about some things you said! If you could contact me and maybe give me some guidance. T******* Overwhelmed with Gratitude


- Tracey H. (New York)

Dawn, hi, it's Yana, the last caller from Monday's show. I wanted to write a testimonial and since I couldn't find where to submit it, I thought that I'd just send it to you here: Thank you, thank you, thank you! Those few minutes working with you changed my life completely! Especially in the area of relationships. But most importantly, I finally feel the self-love that I couldn't before. I actually, for the first time in my life, feel deserving of love. Thanks again, Much love and blessings to you

- Yana

Hello Dawn, this is Jeannie, the first caller on Monday's show. Wow, what an intense session that was! My body was a rocking and rolling and releasing so much!

I feel like I'm still processing, and I haven't been feeling well (anxious, etc). Thank you so much!


- Jeannie

Dear Dawn, thank you so very much for the session yesterday.  It was right on the money, and I really appreciate everything you did to clear me.  I am feeling much lighter, and you really pinpointed some issues for me.  I look forward to working with you again.  Take care.


- Jennie

One of my friends is a yoga trainer and she told me before we went to.meditate with our group listening to your healing mp3's. She had a stressed neck and shoulders and had pain especially above the middle of her back.

After listening to your healing mp3,  She told me that she was taken up with extreme peace.
The other members of our group felt totally happy! One of them was crying Joy! Some of them felt all their cells vibrating and I got a nice warm feeling as if I was wrapped in a warm blanket or Angel Wings.

They want to give you a Big Warm Heart-Hug! With all love, respect and gratitude and blessing dear sister!

- Marga (Netherlands)

Do you know when in a good musical people sing whenever words cannot convey the beauty and complexity of emotions?it´s like only music reaches those heights that enter  our hearts in a big way like Victor Hugo put it: Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent,and so when I heard Dawn for the first time  I felt it.

Her sound healing may not be music but it still appies and with a spiritual touch.I had an issue with being overweight all my freaking life,no matter how hard I tried.No other specialised healer could facilitate healing for me(results) and I knew I had to keep looking.I cannot say this enough but I am so thankful and blessed I came across her.She was who I needed.She is a powerful and ever so humble healer.I am in awe and I totally recommend her.Needless to say the first two days after her monthly  30 minute clearing and  a 2 minute mini healing I lost 4 pounds which I wasn´t able to shed even with two week´s worth of the strictest diets.I am not exaggerating,these were real results,in two days.If you haven´t booked a session with her yet.Go for it!You won´t regret it.Your time won´t be wasted. 

- Jana Boer

I appreciate hearing your story that you shared on Laurens show. I just listened to the replay & the healing I felt was Amazing!!!Your courage to follow your inner guidance is deeply inspiring.

- Carol Ann H. (Illinois)

Hi Christine and Dawn, Great interview. Very high energy here tonight. It's 3am so I am going to sleep. . I look forward to listening to the rest on the replay. Love and Blessings to everyone on the call."

- Allison B.  (Germany)

"I am so Grateful to have had my issues addressed....I slept so good ...and have had a very rough 4 months... Thank You  to Dawn Crystal for assisting me....I felt so much calmer after the session...just knowing i was helped in some way"


- Karen

 Dawn, I just wanted to thank you very much for the healing of my soul today. I feel a great release was done.   I will sign up on your website  so I could stay in touch with your work. 

- Alexandra (Pennsylvania)

 “I totally look younger!! She isn't kidding about the facelift! Thank you for the generous clearing Dawn. Nice bonus!”

- Mary from (Michigan)

Hi Dawn, thanks so much for the session earlier I feel much lighter already and am looking to clear even more.I'm always so appreciated for your healing. It's  really a blessing that you are providing this healing to the world. :)

- Aicha NY

Hi Dawn, I had the honor to get selected tonight for your to work with me. I am Stacey (917) living in Winston Salem, NC. I have to admit that when you started in with your sound healing, I said 'What!' I removed my judgement and just went with it. When you selected me for a brief session, I wasn't sure what to expect. While you were working on me I felt light headed. After a while I started to feel lighter and more joyful.




- Stacey 

Winston Salem, NC

Thank you! It was a wonderful session; as well as timely and welcomed. Can't wait to listen again. 


- Stephanie

Hi Dawn, I just want to thank you for the incredible healing you gave me yesterday and I truly appreciate the extra time you gave me! I'm really looking forward to receiving your package. You can send it to either e-mail: K****** or r**** Thanks again! I look forward to speaking with you in the future with great news about all areas of my life! Best of luck to you as well! With much love and gratitude! 


 - Kavita

Dawn Crystal Maui is absolutely Awesome....her healing energy is Powerful!! Her Healing is instantaneous but it also continues to work & Move things out of your field hours & days later. If You suffer from Pain Dawn is the Healer to seek <3 She is going to very busy as her Medicine has no side-effects Only Benefits!! Thank-You Dawn Crystal You are a Gift straight from the Divine :) Many Blessings to You for the work you do!!!


Hello Dawn, I replayed the call from last night because I felt so much better after you helped me. I slept through the night without wakening up at all. I was well rested this morning. I purchased package B, because I wanted to communicate with you directly. Hopefully you will be able to help me with the issues I have been having. Thank you for helping me last night! God bless you.


- Olga

Dawn's Crown Chakra clearing today has definitely opened the Gate answer to my prayers ((~_~' Thymus Gland as well. Just what I needed. Thank you Dawn Crystal for your beautiful Generosity of Spirit, and your gentle power. And to you Bless'ed Durva for your Grace...and for taking my Call Gratitude and Love enfolds you


Dawn, I am in rediscovery the stranger that was my lost self returned to me by your powerful energy work.  I feel clear headed, balance, grounded and in total amazement of the self I have to get acquainted with.  I am ready for the new world that is coming at us with great speed--and your energy work makes me fearless of whatever the future may hold.  With heartfelt gratitude, and love


- Irene

Hi Dawn, since our phone session 5 days ago I have found my energy levels much improved and not experiencing all the aches and pains. My sleep has been far more peaceful as well. I continue to drink lots of water and feel that each passing day is healing my metabolism. Thank you so much for all the good work you are doing. God bless and love.


- Shirley

Hello, thank you for releasing David from my heart today on the call. My friend texted the number to me to join. I feel the relief of the grief leaving my body.. 


Great call today.  I am in Pennsylvania and I sent in a request for my hip and lower back and left foot.  My hip is still warm and the energy is moving the pain out. I also felt the energy as you sent to others on the call. Much pain moved out through my left side. I had breast cancer in the left breast. I can’t wait to meet you.

LuAnn C. (PA)

I am listening to the Live show right now....and I Feel Fabulous! Thank-You, Thank-You, Thank-You Dawn Crystal.....Many Blessings to You for the Awesome work You do!!!

Destine R

Hi Dawn, I was the one who was suicidal the other night when you were on Spaced Out Radio with Elizabeth Anglin. It took a little while, but as the night went on, I got progressively felt better and I wanted to thank you for that.

- Lisa M

In early 2017, I heard Dawn Crystal speaking as a guest on a tele-summit (The Transformation Show). She was helping people with their pain issues by using her powerful toning sounds. I was intrigued, so I called hoping to have a mini on-air session. My call was answered and I asked Dawn if she could please help me get rid of regularly occurring migraines (3-4 times a week, for decades). She said, "Sure, that's one of my specialties." At the time we spoke, I was happy to already be feeling good. So I couldn't give her any immediate feedback. That was about 8 weeks ago. I have been migraine-free since our mini on-air session. Incredible!!! I am grateful to finally feel so fantastic!  A couple weeks ago, Dawn made another appearance on TTS and I called again. Dawn helped clear several weeks of constant intense body aches I had been feeling. It's such a relief to Feel Better Again!!  So I purchased her healing package that included a personal session, which I just now experienced. Dawn helped me clear a lot of old family energy that had been causing strange body pain. She also helped energetically clear the way for me to buy a home.  It was such a treat to work with Dawn and experience life in a way that is more beneficial to me. She has a lot of integrity and heart. I am so appreciative of Dawn's healing energy and toning.  I feel like a million bucks :)

- Kelly F. (CA.)

Hi Dawn .You worked on my right knee issue during the call and I am here to report that my knee is 100% better. It started to ease gradually and I was waiting to see how it held up after 3 days. One word: AMAZING! My knee was stiff and achy during the call but has regained suppleness now. I feel it looser and my movements more fluid. You said it was ancestral and you were not sure if the call was enough well I can tell you that you are a miracle woman for me cos it was certainly more than enough. Thank you thank you thank you! You are a blessing and I am infinitely grateful for your help. 

- Rym D

I listened to your call on the Transformation Show and had quite positive energy movement in my body. I would love  to schedule a session with you!

- LuAnn C.

Hi Dawn, I was the first Q & A you answered- I had pain wrapping around my rib cage and back on the left side. As you worked, it shifted up under my left shoulder blade and into the center spine area. It got very painful thru that area for about 10-20 minutes, then all was gone. Only a slight soreness in the affected areas now. A huge relief! I listened to the entire program and got more relief from your other transmissions as well.


- Rita T

Wow, thank you Dawn for the mini healing, I am feeling lighter and more energized and I didn't mention the pain I had in my jaw has evaporated I feel amazing, much gratitude and love returned a million fold <3

- Anna D.

Hello my name is Jeffrey, awhile ago I hurt my hip and after a long recovery time which included physical therapy and chiropractic work. I noticed I started to get low on energy. By a chance meeting I met Dawn and with an open mind I scheduled an Energy rebalancing session with her. I believe that the combination of my receptiveness along  with her energy soothing sounds made this a successful session. Afterward I felt more at ease. I noticed I had more sustaining energy, and I didn't have the crash at the end of the day. If you are experiencing any type of sluggish syndrome and are looking for an alternative to medicine. I encourage you to give Dawn a try, I'm glad I did

- Jeffrey

Dawn has a true gift with her Energy work and Sound healing. Love her! :)

- Joanne V.

Dawn Crystal's healing energy is amazing!  The first time that we spoke it was unrelated to her gift.  At the conclusion of our call, I told her that I felt so much positive energy pouring through the phone and that I've never experienced that before.  That's when I learned of her gift and I immediately booked a session with her.  She helped me clear and shift blocked energy that kept me stagnated in certain areas of my life for more than 10-years.  In less than 2 months of working with Dawn Crystal, my life was transformed with ease and grace!  Dawn is a gifted healer.  Step into her world and prepare for your transformation.  


- Sandy O.

Just listened to a webcall with you and Durva Gandi, and I liked what you did for the callers. Purchased your B-package so I am waiting for the downloadpage to get through. Then I can schedule a session with you. Looking forward to that.


Hello dear Dawn this is from Maria you worked on me on the live call yesterday. I do feel so much better this morning. I am currently in Austria so it is morning for me.look forward to work with you after next month.


I was on the call with you. I had been hit in the back by a van. This knocked my hip out of alignment. When you worked on me on the call, it actually helped me with the burning that was in my both arms! I have been through alot of losses, and battles which has caused acid to just spill throughout my body. SINCE THAT NIGHT, THE BURNING ENDED IN MY ARMS! I still am healing several layers of old shocks, traumas.

Dawn, Thank you! Yes, whatever the sounds are come from Heaven's music, Angelic Healing Frequencies! I can listen to it all night and day.

- Marlene

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